West Comm end ZRP Byo Central’s unbeaten run

Ngqabutho Moyo Sports Reporter
Western Commonage football team edged ZRP Bulawayo Central 1-0 in the Bulawayo Townshend and Butcher ZRP Inter-Station League at Ross Camp on Wednesday.Western Commonage’s Blessed Ncube scored the all-important goal that was enough to stop Bulawayo Central who have been at the top of the table for more than half the season beating every team that came into their path.

Jamezweni Masuku, one of the co-ordinators of the league, said he is impressed with the level of competition exhibited by the teams.

“I’m very happy with the level of competition and participation by members of the police force in the league,” said Masuku.

He extended his gratitude to Townshend and Butcher for supporting the league.

“We’re grateful to Townshend and Butcher for providing the police force members with a chance to refresh their minds, entertain, maintain their physical fitness, promoting a platform for us to also showcase our talents in football and interact,” he said.

In other matches, second-placed Nkulumane thrashed Mzilikazi 3-1 with Hillside beating Luveve 2-0 while a struggling 16th placed Magwegwe beat Sauerstown 4-1.

Entumbane 2-1 Donnington, Hillside 2-0 Luveve, Central 0-1 West Commonage, Magwegwe 4-1 Sauerstown, CID 4-0 Pumula, PHQ v Tshabalala, Nkulumane 3-1 Mzilikazi, Queenspark 3-2 Njube


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