What Byo expects from new President

 Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa

Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
AS Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa assumes office as President in Harare today, Bulawayo residents expect his new Government to prioritise reviving the city’s industries and weeding out corruption.

They said the rhetoric about revival of Bulawayo industries and weeding out corruption should be a thing of the past and replaced by concrete action to overcome the challenges.  They said  revival of Bulawayo would result in a resurgence of the country’s economic fortunes.

Mr Strevis Mhlanga from Nketa 9 said:

“Bulawayo has been lagging behind in terms of development due to the closure of the city’s industries. The coming Government should prioritise the revival of the city’s industries. Bulawayo should reclaim its status kontuthu ziyathunqa. We should claim our former glory.”

He said the Government should also decentralise its departments for citizens to access important documents in their respective locations.

Mr Mhlanga said at the moment for one to acquire important documents they are forced to travel to Harare, which is not necessary.

Ms Zibusiso Ndiweni said the new Government should restore confidence in the banking sector while stamping out illegal money transactions.

“Prices keep going up but our salaries are not changing. The Government should ensure that it creates a system that will address the illegal hiking of prices.

The Government should also look into the issue of infrastructural development as our roads are in a very bad state,” said Ms Ndiweni.

She said the health sector is also collapsing and Government should address challenges in that department.

Mr Dennis Sithole said President-designate Mnangagwa is aware of the country’s problems which border on nepotism and corruption.

“Sometimes we hear that Government has released funds for youth projects but the money never reaches us at grassroots. We want the new Government to weed out corruption in its departments. The issue of nepotism should also be addressed as we are aware that it is rife in Government,” said Mr Sithole.

Mr Robson Mafu said the Government should bring normalcy in the banking sector so that citizens can access their money in banks without sleeping in queues.

“There is nothing worse than failing to access the money you worked for. People are spending nights in bank queues and sometimes fail to access the money the following day, yet other people are hoarding millions in their homes,” said Mr Mafu.

Federation of Organisations of Disabled People in Zimbabwe chairperson Mr Watson Khupe said the new Government should also prioritise aligning the Disability Act to the Constitution.

“We welcome the new Government and we ask that it looks into the welfare of people living with disabilities. The Government should prioritise the national disability policy. The policy will guide on the best way of mainstreaming issues to do with disabled people,” said Mr Khupe.

Opposition parties under the MDC Alliance banner also challenged the Zanu-PF leadership to introspect and address issues affecting the country following Cde Mugabe’s resignation as the country’s President.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Professor Welshman Ncube yesterday said the departure of Cde Mugabe was a welcome development that should end the culture of patronage.

“We welcome this development cautiously, optimistic that those who will take over from him will look at the bigger picture which is a fresh start for the country. The country needs new energy, a complete divorce from the past, particularly in policies of governance, issues of democracy, economic policies and hopefully that complete rupture with the past will create foundations for a new beginning,” said Prof Ncube.

He said Zanu-PF leaders should learn from Cde Mugabe’s departure which was welcomed with wild jubilation.

Prof Ncube said what was clear from the citizens’ message was that they were not happy with the direction the country was taking.

‘We obviously urge Zanu-PF leaders to think long and hard about why there has been such widespread joy across the country. The joy of the Zimbabwe people has been extensive, has been so deep that people were literally in tears of joy.

“The lesson for anyone is that the people have been deeply unhappy with the direction the country was going under Zanu-PF and those who remain in Zanu-PF who will take up the leadership role must reflect seriously. What does it mean for President Mugabe to depart and there is so much ecstasy?”

Prof Ncube said MDC Alliance hopes the new leadership will embrace opposition parties for the development of the country’s economy.

He said Zimbabweans should never again allow themselves to be oppressed by one person.

”My appeal to the people of Zimbabwe is that we got into the mess that we are in because we created demigods,” he said. — @nqotshili

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  • koka

    what Byo should expect is more shonas being given the few new jobs that will be created. lets not forget that this is the same zanu that has been running this country down for the last 37 years. mnanganwa being prez does not change anything. he was part of the cabal that ran this country down. he will implement the same policies that were in place when mugabe resigned. they is no radical change for the better here just moving old office chairs around. in a few years time lizathi ngatsho.

    • musa

      asisoze sithi watsho ngoba kusobala njengempabanga yembuzi

      • Nomsa

        give it plenty of ‘right there/don’t stop/don’t slow down’ when he really is hitting the spot

    • Officer Commanding Old Chairs

      Well, reshuffling old office chairs around sure gives the office a new look.

    • Essexvale

      Doesn’t the fetish make that conversation a bit more difficult? Unless they approach the whole thing more as a fashion statement, isn’t she supposed to be sexually submissive?

  • Bambanani

    Surely we do not expect much from a person who greets a nation by a murderous slogan “PASI NEMHANDUUUUUU!!”
    Nkesakithi nxa usithi emuntwini “uzangena phansi” uyaba usitsho ukuthi uzambulala. So it is clear to us that Mnangagwa is still thirsty of the blood of “COCROACHES….”

    We would appreciate an apology, compensation and reburial of all gukurahundi victims. Maybe we can forgive him, even though we will never forget.

    • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo Original

      I’m submissive but have no problem providing instruction. it shouldn’t be full role play until you’ve figured out your likes and dislikes (or alternatively talk afterwards)

      • Gatsha

        Eyinye idoti yakoMrambinda ezibiza ngo Cetshwayo sies

        • Doti yako Mrambinda

          If the Government is fined where does the money go?

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Start by apologising for the genocide.

    • Khayalami Mpongosi

      Maybe you should ask yourself why you have been deferring your own needs?

  • qondani

    We will wait to see

    • Bambanani

      Being honest from here onwards seems like the way to go. No need to make angst over things that you can’t change, and it was a white lie that harms no-one but you.

  • zibulo

    What Bulawayo (meaning and the Region ) want from this murderer and election rigger is Admitting to being part of the Repressive Machinery which brought us to where we are. What we want is the Publication of the GUGURAHUNDI Report , it being made available to all via all media. Those stupid enough will say “lets not open old wounds” but a good way forward is to deal with all concerns of all right now . What all Zimbabweans should understand is that Discrimination of any sort; by Tribe , Race, Relation is Evil , and its the reason why the country is where it is . So lets face it ; let everybody say their mind; Emeerson must not give any warnin g to anyone ; Ahhh Chronicle, i realize from the names of Byo citizens interviwed about what Byo wants, you interviewed the Real Bulawayans .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


    we want land to be distributed evenly, ministers with more than one farm should give back land. We still need that money stolen from the government to be reimbursed. You can leave the guyz free but we need the state property to be back in the government stream

    • Simon

      Yes but are there strings attached?

  • ThmzkaNcube

    now that the excitement of changing the president is over, umjida lo kangimncanywa n i hop he gets to be the president only upto e elections then we get done ngombulali

    • Essexvale

      Sometimes though, I think women fake it just to bring the whole thing to an end.

  • Falsepromises

    To be be honest do people from this region ever expect changes for the better when their voices have not been heard for 37 years