WHO bans hot chips


Thandeka Moyo, Health Reporter
THE World Health Organisation has banned industrially produced chips and other fatty fried foods from the global food supply to eliminate the risk of non communicable diseases that are killing millions of people around the world every year.

The foods make up the bulk of an average working person’s meals, especially lunch.

The WHO has petitioned governments around the world to phase out the foods in the next five years to promote healthier living.

Use of trans fats in preparing the foods, is said to be what makes them dangerous.

The organisation said industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the foods are to blame for diseases like hypertension, cancer, sugar diabetes and obesity.

Industrially-produced trans fats according to WHO are contained in hardened vegetable fats, such as margarine and ghee, and are often present in snack food, baked foods and fried foods.

A recent study revealed that Zimbabwe has a hypertension prevalence of 35 percent in women and 24 in men.

In a statement yesterday, WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu said there are healthier alternatives that can be used without affecting taste or cost of food.

“WHO calls on governments to use the REPLACE action package to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the food supply. Implementing the six strategic actions in the package will help achieve the elimination of trans-fat, and represent a major victory in the global fight against cardiovascular disease,” said Dr Ghebreyesu.

The REPLACE package is an acronym for review, promote, legislate, assess, create and enforce strategic actions to ensure the prompt, complete, and sustained elimination of industrially-produced trans-fats from the food supply.

Dr Ghebreyesu said action is needed in low- and middle-income countries, where controls of use of industrially-produced trans-fats are often weaker to ensure that the benefits are felt equally around the world.

“Trans fat is an unnecessary toxic chemical that kills and there’s no reason people around the world should continue to be exposed. Eliminating their use around the world can save millions of lives so we make progress against cardiovascular disease, another of the world’s leading causes of preventable death,” reads the same statement.

The Elimination of industrially-produced trans fats from the global food supply has been identified as one of the priority targets of WHO’s strategic plan, the draft 13th General Programme of Work which will guide the work of WHO in 2019 – 2023.

The 13th General Programme of Work is on the agenda of the 71st World Health Assembly that will be held in Geneva on May 21 – 26, 2018 and the session will be chaired by Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa.


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  • Observer

    Seventh Day Adventist have been talking about these things for many years. I see WHO agrees as well.

    • Dudu Mdlaziba

      EVEN Pentecostals

      • bhinikwa

        Ahhhh really, where is their literature, sizibalele

    • Major Musango

      I do not follow SDA teachings but I learnt about this many years ago from other sources.

      • Bird Eye Chilli

        True, it,s common knowledge to anyone who has been though atleast 7 years of primary school that oily foods, especially fast foods are not a very healthy choice and we must increase our intake of clean vegetables. Moreso, for anyone who has done science even just up to form 2. Also, hospitals, doctors and other awareness channels have been giving this advice since time immemorial. I don’t see why anyone should start making claims about teachings at his church.

        I personally do occasionally take fast foods such as chips and russian, chicken inn foods etc, but I try to limit it. If you find yourself having chips and russian for lunch, and then chips and chicken for supper on consecutive days, then think twice.

        • Doctor Do little

          Your last paragraph is A very sensible and practical stance.

          • Mr. S. Maphosa

            I’m so sorry for the times we fought, let’s preach reconciliation. I now want to permanently cease participation on this forum, but I want to do it with a clear conscience. Knowing that no one is angry at me. Your Brother in Christ that you have come to affectionately call Roddy.

            Rod Strictland.

        • Margaret Sullingham

          Don’t write names of outlets dunderhead, stick to your points, in Western worlds you get sued for that.

          • Bird Eye Chilli

            FOOL!!! Look who’s the dunderhad! MORON!!! Chicken Inn, Nandos, Mcdonalds, Mr Chips etc are fast foods outlets. Everyone knows that, and they know it!!!! MORON!!!

          • Namhla

            Perhaps you Ms Sullingham should learn to stick to your points and avoid insulting other contributors. Did advising about not calling names really warrant calling a contributor a dunderhead?

      • tanaka

        Sure l agree, going back to Eden

      • bhinikwa

        Its not SDA teachings per se, its known general health message being propagated & encouraged by church. If you do practise those health issue then you do follow the SDA teachings albeit without acknowledging it. There are many who do but just dont want to admit. Check the web & see how long the church has been preaching those health issues………far longer than modern science has been

    • I Just Noticed

      Oh Yes They have,

  • #matute

    such kind of journalism is in poor taste.

    • Doctor Do little

      Such kind of Journalism is very educative. Africa is lagging behind in identifying and informing their people the dangers of certain foods. For example most of us when we buy meat we insist that it has fat on it. Is it drummed in us the dangers of saturated fat? In many countries of late butchers and supermarkets remove the fat from the beef. The skin on a commercial chicken is bad for those with high cholesterol levels whilst the rural chicken does not have that much fat because it sheds it during its search for food.. Is all this information readily available? Lamb even when the visible fat is removed has a large concentration of fat that is dangerous for you. This is a very good article. We need more like this.

      • Rod Strictland

        You ain’t wash your hands after peein’, and you wanna touch the doorknob. Well, wash my balls in Dettol.

        • Rod Strictland

          Yo Please stop usin` muh motha fu ckin name an’ imitating muh motha fu ckin whole damn style. dere’s only one Rod freaking Strictland on dis here damn forum. Please stay off muh motha fu ckin name fake fu cks!! Don’ make me come ova there beotch…Mad stupid like Orienthawl James!!

          • Rod Strictland

            Haamba uyofa stabane.

          • Dr Frank N Stein

            You missed your appointment. How am I going to get all that mud out of your head if you miss appointments?

          • Nomagugu Ndlela

            Well, I’m sure he probably wrote what he did after seeing that she was reading his messages…

        • Dr Frank N Stein

          Are you Strickland’s double or what? I can fit you in for an appointment to tighten a few loose screws in your head.

      • Mbangi Johnson

        The article never mentioned animal fat, but referring to industrial produced trans fat. Animal fat have never killed anyone but that’s the good fat our body need. Please read “The real meal revolution, by Tim Noakes; The big fat surprise, by Nina Teicholz; Why we get fat, by Gary Taubes. You’ll see how some in the medical profession are so backward. Anyway I am not a doctor.

        • Doctor Do little

          You don’t get the gist of my post. I am generalising that we do not get enough information about the good and bad in the foods we eat. On that big surprise by those authors do not believe everything you read. Fat foods affect peoples bodies differently because metabolism differs from individual to individual with certain factors like age, heath and activity come to play.. Younger people can take junk foods better that older people on condition that they are physically active which burns fat. The fat on beef and the saturated fat in bacon and other processed meats will affect your body differently according to how active your are. As we age many of us slow down our activity but not our eating habits hence you see the belly fat on many. Studies on this type of thing are done with the majority in mind and any physician or scientist that tells you that fat is good for “General health” is misleading you. If you personally are burning calories at a high rate through your activities it might not make a difference. Chips and foods like Kebabs and deep fried chicken are responsible for the obesity and heart complications including diabetes that is rife in first world countries. For me my proof is the study of the rural people who although they are short of health facilities are almost free of heart problems and strokes because of their diverse but generally fat free diet.

          • Landela

            You always talk of the “gist of your post”, whenever you are caught writing crap or have been rebuked for writing nonsensical hogwash.

          • Doctor Do little

            If you think that is nonsensical hogwash then you have a serious disorder characterized by significantly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning.

          • Mr. S. Maphosa

            Sorry man but I have also seen that you always talk of people not seeing the gist of your comments, I wouldn’t know when you usually use these words and to cover up for what exactly, but how about writing simply comments with no gists, that is if they are really there in the first place??

          • Doctor Do little

            Sorry Mr Maphosa but I don’t always say that. But you being new and all on this Platform, me having never seen your name here have to wonder if you are not that chameleon some call Roddy here on this platform. If you are not and cannot understand you can always use google, or better still skip and read something you understand.

          • Mr. S. Maphosa

            Ok thank you for the good response, actually I do enjoy reading your comments but get a bit confused whenever you start mentioning that your comments are riddled in gists. Anyway have a good day.

          • Dr Frank N Stein

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          • Doctor Do little

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          • Dr Frank N Stein

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  • #new era

    maybe banned in other countries but not in zim,,,,,,,,,,,,zimbos r too stubborn

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