‘Who’s your daddy?’ Man asks as he bashes daughter

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Codelia Mondela, Court Reporter
A GIRL (10) was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after her father allegedly brutally assaulted her, demanding that she reveals the “identity of her real father.”

Trymore Musavengana (33) of Makokoba in Bulawayo allegedly kicked his daughter on her back and mouth before picking her up and slamming her on the floor.

He allegedly pursued the minor to two relatives’ homes where he bashed her and threatened to kill her.

Musavengana pleaded guilty to physical abuse yesterday before magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya.

Mr Tashaya remanded him out of custody to September 14 on $30 bail.

“Do not go where your children are until the matter is finalised,” Mr Tashaya told him.

In defence, Musavengana said he beat his daughter for leaving the house in the middle of the night and he had to look for her.

Prosecuting, Mrs Charity Makonese said Musavengana physically abused his daughter on August 29 around 5PM.

She said the minor and her five-year-old sibling had been left at their grandmother’s place by their mother who had travelled to Harare.

“Musavengana took the children home from their grandmother’s place. Upon arrival he slapped the minor who fled and returned to her grandmother,” she said. “He pursued the minor and barged into the house bypassing her grandfather, Mr William Sibanda,” Mrs Makonese said.

The court heard that he went straight to the back yard, dragged the minor and assaulted her. Her grandfather came to her aid and grabbed Musavengana.

The minor, the court heard fled to her aunt, Ms Buhlebenkosi Shumba’s house nearby.

Mrs Makonese said Musavengana followed again, caught up with her, left her bleeding and lying on the floor.

“He threatened to kill her with a brick and she was rescued by her uncle Godfrey,” she said.

“The accused person slapped, punched and kicked the complainant while demanding to know who her real father was.”

The prosecutor said the minor was ferried to hospital in an ambulance. A report was made at Mzilikazi Police Station leading to Musavengana’s arrest. — @MondelaC.

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  • Skwamula

    This is one sick man shuwa how can you beat a child engani utshaya inyoka?

    • josefa chinotimba

      Just imagine!

  • josefa chinotimba

    This thug must just stay in gaol for many years.He is an idiot.How can you do this to a girl child.Should this idiot not face gaol term,i am definitely going to challenge the case in the courts of law,nxaa!

    • moyoza

      banjalo opasi

      • MakhosiXamu

        How many parents from different races & tribes who do that ?. Go to any tribe izinja ziyatholakala. Ukuhlukuluza abantwana has nothing to do with a tribe or race. Mgodoyi.

        • zibulo

          but you just insuted Miss Adams, when you mention here that this knows no tribe or race, malalephenduka , mpimpindini. seems you want a monopoly of being umahlambalaza wedwa. umfuzile uYihlo, liyitshaya ngaphambili liyitshaye ngasemva ,

      • Khuluza

        What’s this nonsense mfowethu? Your posts are usually decent, mature and non-provocative..

  • Tyson

    DNA test is $100 at Nust

    • Mthwakazi

      No way more than that. I think about US$400 now.

  • Wellington

    ngabe bamkarabhe too much abakoyisezala bloodshit man