Wife bites off hubby’s lip

Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent
A Rujeko man in Masvingo had his lower lip bitten off by his jealous, estranged wife following a dispute over his decision to live with another woman.Chipo Mutanha, 35, of Rujeko C who is on separation with Howard Munhundowarwa, 33, of the same suburb went to the man’s home where she found him staying with another woman.

Upon her arrival Mutanha asked why Munhundowarwa had taken in another woman when they were still married. He allegedly responded rudely and a dispute ensued, degenerating into a fight.

Mutanha bit off Munhundowarwa’s lower lip leaving him in pain before he took some clothes she claimed to have bought and set them on fire.

Mutanha was convicted on her own plea of guilty when she appeared before Masvingo magistrate Tafadzwa Mhlanga, facing a domestic violence charge on Monday.

Mhlanga sentenced her to 12 months in prison, suspending three months for five years on condition of good behaviour. Nine months were commuted to 315 hours of community service at Masvingo magistrate court starting yesterday.

In mitigation Mutanha said she was incensed by Munhundowarwa’s decision to move in with another woman when she and him were still mulling reconciliation.

“I was irked by this man’s decision to take another woman ahead of me yet we were considering reconciliation. We lived as a couple for a very long time. He cannot just end the affair as simply as all that.

“I was hurt and that is the reason why I behaved the way I did. I still see him as my husband, he was supposed to respect me, worse still I bought some clothes for him as my husband,” said a visibly angry Mutanha.

Prosecutor James Murambiza said an enraged Mutanha who told the court that they were still in love as opposed to the man’s assertion that they had long parted ways bit her husband’s lip in a fit of jealousy.

“On Saturday at around 2PM, Mutanha who had separated with Munhundowarwa went to the man’s house in the same location. Upon her arrival she forced her way into the complainant’s room. Upon entry, she found there was a woman inside,” said Murambiza.

He said Mutanha then bit off her husband’s lower lip, leaving him bleeding profusely.

The court heard that Mutanha kicked her husband in the stomach before she proceeded to the wardrobe. She took out two shirts and two T-shirts belonging to Munhundowarwa and tore them up. She also took four shirts and a pair of trousers and poured paraffin on them before setting them on fire.

After the incident Mutanha disappeared while the complainant’s unidentified girlfriend rushed her lover to Rujeko Clinic where he was referred to Masvingo General Hospital.

A report was made to Rujeko police leading to Mutanha’s arrest.

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  • Tsitsi Magaso

    Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned. Haha. Why buy the man shirts though? It is always best to move on with life if someone doesn’t want you in their lives. It ain’t worth it, going to prison for any man or even woman for that matter

  • zodwa

    it hurts