Wife killed for refusing to cook

The house where the late Ms Queen Williams was killed on Tuesday night

The house where the late Ms Queen Williams was killed on Tuesday night

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
A MAN from Kensington on the outskirts of Bulawayo allegedly stabbed his wife to death after the woman refused to cook for the family following a domestic dispute.

Hillary Mudau (30) is said to have  killed Ms Queen Williams (29) on Tuesday night, hours after she had returned to her matrimonial home after spending three days at her parents’ home in Worringham.

The couple have a child who turned four years last Friday.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said police were investigating the case.

“We are investigating a case of murder. A 30-year-old man from Kensington is suspected to have killed his wife aged 29 following a domestic dispute,” said Insp Simango.

She said police were concerned about domestic violence as lives were being lost unnecessarily.

“We urge couples and members of the public to seek counselling services whenever they have some differences. Violence does not solve problems,” she said.

A Chronicle news crew visited the family’s home in Kensington yesterday and spoke to the suspect’s relatives.

They said Mudau’s parents who were said to be on their way from Worringham, were better placed to comment.

“We do not know how the incident occurred. We were not here when it happened. The only people who were here are Hillary and his late wife. We only visited the mortuary where we identified the body of our daughter-in-law,” said one of the relatives who declined to be named.

“What we only know is that our daughter-in-law asked to attend her niece’s party on September 29 (last Friday) and returned on Tuesday and died on the same night.

“We don’t know if they had any problems prior to her visit to her parents’ home.”

Sources said Mudau followed his wife to her parents’ home in Worringham.

“When they arrived at their home he asked that she cooks but she refused leading to a fight. Queen is said to have pulled a knife and tried to stab Mudau who overpowered her and took away the knife which he allegedly used to stab her on the left breast. She died on the spot,” said the source.


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  • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo

    There is no excuse for murder especially murdering a woman, you always have an option of not killing someone….violence does not always solve problems, it creates more challenges…leso sduphunga sesiyofela ejele manje ngenxa yobuduphunga ophindwa phindiwe….

  • xhiba

    its better for couples to separate than murder each other

  • nakandodana

    the husband was supposed to be on the peace side and prepare the meal than fight to kill the woman, there was absolutely no reason to kill her. umuntu kumele ufunde umuntu wakho ikakhulu nxa elenkani lingaze laphikisana omunye wenu kaphume phandle aze aphole ulaka. Khathesi kuyini so omunye esebhubhile kulokuthi ngabe usamtwana nguye ophekileyo bayazilalela, kumbe nxa kunzima isitshwala siyathengwa kulabo abaphekayo. Wena baba usuthethe amalungelo akhe ngokubulala ikhosikazi. l have been married since 1991, when we disagree my husband always avoids any arguments or violence. we have five children. If he were to cook he would be heard saying , excuse me can l prepare the meal. ukuhlala ngokulwa akulunganga

    • WordMaster Rise Up

      Good and sober comment.

    • Ntombi

      Sounds like you subdued your husband long back and he has no say in your house. Always steps down and can’t have things his way… kikiki

      • vembuya

        He is a good husband because women really download profanities, I can’t stand them, I walk away because in the heat of things you may do some horrible things so its not about being subdued its safety first.

    • observer

      sometimes as women we download a lot of words which we regret later, i thank God for my husband becoz he always goes out & come back when i cool down. i learnt to choose words,there is peace now in the house.

    • Oooooh No!

      A stupid woman I’d say you are for sure.And your husband has obviously long concluded you are stupid just like every other woman. ‘Each time we have an argument” What ? You have a system of arguing with your husband? Shame and half! Since 1991 you have not even learned a damn thing. And you want to teach us that ends better when the husband coils his tail? Woman , get a life.

      • God of War

        Amen to that, she is a moron of a wife. She probably gave her husband juju.

        • nakandodana

          its not about juju but we understand each other, just like if he feels he cant with stand what is happening he would say , ‘madam may l disappear for the night destination unknown bye now

      • nakandodana

        lam merely telling you what happens at my home since 1991 there is no reason for you to threaten me coz you arent part of my family. My husband isnt a violent man

    • Taurai

      Yo are a very stupid and silly woman. You are very lucky you did not marry a Shona man. He would have taught you a lesson very nicely!

      • Ndu

        KKKKK My Shona neighbor Makamure gets beaten by his wife regularly kkkk she teaches him lessons regularly.

        • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

          Kikikikikiki…….Now that’s what I call a real response

    • Munationalist

      Fair comment, however I disagree that the man was the was who was supposed to play cool here.

      1. The woman had done the right thing first, go away when you sense danger.
      2. The man obviously still angry follows his wife to her parent’s place.
      3. Error number one, parents let the fighting parties go back without proper counseling or some to escort them in case of them fighting again.
      4. Error number two, woman start the fight by refusing to do normal household cores – this is very very grievous and dangerous to fighting couples. For me the woman was supposed to try and show the man that she still loves him, he is still his man, and the man in the house. In short the woman became the aggressor, if we were is USA or UK the man was wrong, however in Zimbabwe it in our DNA that a woman who loves her husband will always do the cooking and the dishes
      5. The fight and stabbing was just our anger and confusion not planned. Its a shame this could have been avoided.

  • musa

    if the only people present were hilary & his wife how come the “sources” can describe to the detail the events that led to the wife’s death? did hilary confess & are these “sources” the police?

  • Guest

    Why resorting to violence. Divorce is better if its not working

  • orange

    The stress caused by the economy is causing all these problems.

  • Brutal Truth

    He was supposed to disarm her of the knife & give her a thorough hiding.Some will I’m barbaric but at least she would still be alive by now & never to pull a knife on her husband again

    • depressed young city bandit

      Nobody can stop you having whatever fantasy you want, but your fantasy belongs inside your head and it should stay there.

    • depressed young city bandit

      Nobody can stop you having whatever fantasy you want, but your fantasy belongs inside your head and it should stay there.

      • Brutal Truth

        Good thing about such sites as disqus is that you can easily block some of these idiots you try to gain relevence riding on your coments.Final warning jotsholo bandit

  • qondani

    Confused and stupid

  • Trueman

    This is what happens when MaNdex amadoda marry vakadzi vechiKaradhi!

    • Malcolm X

      As if makharadi dont kill one another or vice versa!

    • Trueblack

      Mudau is not Ndebele…

  • God of War

    self defense according to the article. 3 years in jail will set him right.

  • siqabuzweyinkosi

    Very true and sensible comment nakandodana, all couples argue from time to time and people should not act as if they never argue. Some men are human beings and baqotho, cooking does not stop one from being a real man or husband- ukutshayana lokhu yikho okudala umona that leads to ukubulalana and remember the moment liqala ukuphakamiselana amazwi okusathane kuhle kumele eduzane and the weaker party gets used to the detriment of the relationship. In any case a marriage is made up of two equal partners who either make it work or fail.

  • Magaret Taylor

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