Wife ‘rapist’ wails in court

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Tanaka Mrewa, Court Reporter
A BULAWAYO man burst into tears in court on Monday claiming that his wife fabricated rape allegations against him because he had caught her red handed having sex with another man.

Itai Tariro Mufambi (26) was facing physical abuse and rape charges.

More tears gushed from his eyes when Western Commonage Magistrate Mr Lungile Ndlovu remanded him in custody to April 26 for trial.

Mufambi begged the court to remand him at Bulawayo Prison instead of Khami Maximum Prison, claiming that his wife’s “lover” was a prison guard stationed there.

“Your Worship my stay will be miserable at Khami. My wife’s lover is a prison guard there and seeing him every day will make my situation worse. The problem I had with my wife is that I caught her in a sexual act with the guy,” he said.

Mufambi allegedly brutally bashed his wife on Saturday evening last week and later on the same night forced himself on her.

The court heard how Mufambi’s first attempt at rape was fruitless as he failed to penetrate so he poured water between his wife’s legs then raped her once.

Mufambi pleaded guilty to physical abuse but swore to the court that he never raped his wife.

“I admit to slapping her out of anger, but for the rape allegations I’m innocent. The sight of her disgusted me, honestly how could I sleep with someone that I had found with another man before she had even taken a bath? I never slept with her that night Your Worship,” said Mufambi, raising his right hand in a swearing pose.

Mr Ndlovu commended Mufambi for being able to control his anger at the time he found his wife in a compromising state.

“Thank you so much for being able to control yourself. That man you caught with your wife could have been dead by now to say the least had you let your emotions get the better of you. What you witnessed was extreme torture, most men commit serious offences from merely hearing that their spouses are cheating, but you reacted in an admirable manner,” he said.

“Your request has been granted. It wouldn’t be fair to be seeing a man who was with your wife pretending to be guarding you at prison. It would only make the situation more painful for you. Arrangements shall be made that you be remanded at Bulawayo Prison during the course of your trial.”

Prosecuting, Mrs Esther Sibanda told the court that Mufambi savagely attacked his wife, bashing her with fists and kicking her all over her body.

She said the wife is admitted to Mpilo Hospital.

“Accused came home around 7PM and asked complainant to cook for him. While she was cooking, accused approached her and demanded to know where she had spent her day. He started assaulting her,” said Mrs Sibanda.

“Later on that same night accused ordered complainant to ‘open her legs’ so that he would have sex with her. Complainant complied but accused failed to penetrate. He complained that she was too dry so he took a small bucket of water, forced her thighs apart and poured water on her before he had sex without her consent.”



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  • Cetshwayo

    This is brutal, he must go to jail for life

    • amazon siren

      idiot u are

  • max

    These are made up allegations. No bucket of water can ease penetration, and to think this woman was waiting for the water bucket really, that’s unheard of. She cooked up all this knowing that rape case will surely take this man behind bars. Its so bad that when things are sour in relationships woman always fabricate rape charges against man knowing that the law is behind them. Go ahead and send your husband to jail but know this: Every boyfriend you have while you are married will never love you when you divorce because man don’t want full responsibility. Bakuthanda ulowakho okwenzela konke, if engasekho yiou will not see them. Wothi ngatsho, if uhlakaniphile, sort out your issue now with your man and stop dishing out your punani to other man.

  • mamawozwelo

    honestly this is sad I feel this womn is fabricating this man

  • makhosi

    If she withdraws, she will be charged with false report.
    She is lying, really.

    • Legal Eagle

      What ever has taken place in this situation we might never know. The Law on the other hand has to look at the evidence. In Africa most times we tend to overlook the smallest of things that constitute a crime. For example if you poke some one with you finger you have committed a crime of assault whether it be common or not. If someone reported that to the Police they would most probably have a talk with and tell you to go home as it is nothing. The truth of the matter in a civilized society (which barring all the problems we are going through),Zimbabwe is such you have no right to lay your hand on another person.For instance the man that was in a report on this forum yesterday who got stuck into a rumour monger was supposed to seek recourse by suing his friend rather than stabbing him in the head. This article states that he brutally bashed his wife. That for one is a serious crime. If he tried to be intimate with her or was intimate and she claims he raped he the Judge has to weigh up the evidence and decide if it is normal for anybody to consent after such a beating. I think not. A civilized person according to the Law will take evidence and proceed with taking legal action whether it be a Divorce or not. Hence the importance of legal representation in a case like this because there is a defense of “temporary insanity” and in this case there has to be proof that he caught her red handed and lost his mind for that moment. The Law cannot look at this in a sense of protecting men when some one was bashed up. If we continue to look aside when this happens more and more these cases will escalate to worse and loss of life.

      • akuqali ngami

        Men invest a lot in women who in turn divest that I so dearly paid dowry for and its normal to discipline the offender so that she departs from her evil ways. It would be folly for me to fight or kill a man I catch in bed with my wife rather I vent up my anger on her so that she knows that fruit is forbidden to me only.

        • Legal Eagle

          There are many in our Prison cells that are serving jail sentences for venting their anger in the manner you say. As I said in my last sometimes it is genuine temporary insanity. Either way when you take that route your life is never the same. In any case for me personally if a spouse is cheating or is caught cheating it is in the interest of the aggrieved to seek greener pastures. Violence will never change the fact that she or in the case of a cheating man he has broken a vow that can never be repaired. After all we are human and not dogs where the acts of the past are forgotten when the female is next on heat. Neither are we dogs to kill each other for such a situation because dogs will not face the wrath of the law because they are animals. I don’t even think that it is right to invest in a woman as if to say she is a product that will make you profit. Any man that can beat up his wife and after he has made her pay with this and can return to the matrimonial bed with a TAG “paid in full” and pretend nothing has happened is a fool. Pack your bags and flee. If you have not contracted HIV get on your knees and thank the Lord you caught her cheating. Some never catch them. Instead they catch something else.

          • akuqali ngami

            By venting my anger on her I meant that I would be disciplining her like how I discipline an errant child not that I would be disembowelling or dismembering her no,no,no!

          • Legal Eagle

            All I am saying friend is that is it not better to leave a situation like this and try to get on with your life?This man is most likely going to serve a prison sentence. For what? Whilst he is in prison she will be getting on with her life.Anger has never solved anything.

  • Tonde The Other

    Rape or no rape? A DNA test at NUST easily provide a conclusive result.

    • makhosi

      There is no question about penetration, so no need for DNA. The question is consent.

      • Tonde The Other

        But the guy says he never slept with her contrary to what wifey is alleging- hence my suggestion to go the DNA route.

  • The optimist

    I am all for womens upliftment and equality but lokhu hayi.. This is wrong. How could she wait for him to go and collect a bucket of water? Unless she was unconscious. If she had just had intimacy with another man, how could she have been impenetrable? Unless the water was used to wash her perhaps.

  • FEYA

    Cheating women are capable of anything……justice must be done.

  • amazon siren

    editor thot ur reporter said she was raped manje y libhala tt she complied ….this is bundu reporting wat nonsense do u check wat u pipo write before going to press sidiniwe ngani mani

    • Nkosi

      It’s not the reporter, it’s the woman who said she was raped in court. The reporter writes things as they are said and cannot change stuff so it makes sense to you. If there are inconsistent statements the magistrate uses those to reach judgement

  • Meloe

    God help the guy

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  • silungisn

    Prostitutes are fixing men when they are caught in uncompromising actions…..the majority of men in Jail for 70% of them didn’t commit any crimes……just because a prostitute had reported that she had been raped…..this rights given to women need a though amendments…let look at them….yes there are rapist out there but not all men,men amongst men……

  • makhosi