Winky D wows fans

Bongani Ndlovu Showbiz Correspondent
ZIMDANCEHALL supremo Winky D thrilled thousands of Bulawayo revellers on Saturday night at Hartsfield Tshisa Nyama with a top drawer performance that caused a near stampede as fans jostled to watch him perform. The show, dubbed Ma Problems ese Disappear after his latest hit Disappear, was what people needed for them to forget the ‘January disease’.

The song was a hit at the #FillUpHICC shutdown gig hosted by Jah Prayzah on New Year’s Eve last year affirming Winky D’s status as the Ninja president. His recent performance at the 7 Arts Theatre in Harare also left fans clamouring for more.

As was the case at Jah Prayzah’s #FillUpHICC on New Year’s Eve, Winky D was at his best on Saturday night and showed that he was really the Ninja president as he belted out hit after hit.

The thousands that thronged the venue included students from city colleges. They sang along to Winky D’s hits such as Takaipa Takaipa, Taitirana, Paita Party, Ninja Saturday and Facebook.

Getting on stage at 1AM, Winky D got down to business amidst loud cheers from the crowd. Some rushed to the front causing others to be squashed between the barricade and the crowd. Some scaled the barricades and police had a torrid time trying to control the crowd.

Like a puppeteer, Winky D controlled the crowd’s every move and energy levels as fans would mimic everything that he was doing on stage. Words such as Gaffa Life, Ninja president and Maproblems Disappear, were chanted by Winky D and parroted by the crowd.

Those in the VIP section had a chance to watch him up close on stage and danced the night away to Winky D’s tunes as he took them down memory lane with hits such as Controversy, Usarove Biggie man and First Sight.

At the back of their minds, fans were waiting for Winky D to perform his runaway hit Disappear and he ended his performance with the song. He performed it more than three times as revellers could not get enough of the song. They would sing it word for word.

The moment he left the stage, Winky D did not stick around as he was whisked away in a vehicle that was parked on the side of the stage. Before Winky D performed, some rowdy elements in the crowd almost spoilt a perfectly good outing for some as they threw cans on stage because they were not happy with the music selection by one of the DJs who played hip hop.

It was only after MC DJ Passe warned them that Winky D would not go on stage if they threw cans on stage, that the violence quelled down. Earlier on, fast rising hip hop crew Prime Suspects from Bulawayo, were the surprise package at the gig with their catchy songs and well choreographed performance. Their track, Dash, may be their break out song this year as it was well received by the crowd.

On either side of the performance, DJs Liz and Noma that Girl showed why they are rated among the best female wheel spinners in the country. Not to be outdone, their male counterparts DJs Staffa, Slimza from Djembe Monks and Crazy Black also belted out tunes that got the crowd on their feet.

Judgement Yard’s DJ Flevah got the crowd into the dancehall mood with his selections of the latest and yesteryear hits.

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