Woman arrested for ‘infecting’ hubby with HIV

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Sylvester Chiramba,  Court Reporter
A 25-YEAR-OLD woman from Nkulumane suburb in Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly deliberately infecting her husband with HIV.

The woman who cannot be named for ethical reasons allegedly had unprotected sexual intercourse with her husband sometime between January and  February this year knowing that she was HIV positive.

She allegedly tested positive for HIV in December last year and she did not reveal her status to her husband.
She continued to have unprotected sexual intercourse with him.

The woman was not asked to plead when she appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube last week, facing deliberate transmission of HIV charges.

Mr Ncube remanded her in custody to April 24.

Prosecuting, Mrs Memory Ndlovu said on an unknown date but between January and February this year the complainant discovered that his wife was secretly taking some tablets which he did not know.

He became suspicious but he did not question her.

“On February 20 he searched his wife’s handbag and discovered a book which was hidden in an inside pocket,” said Mrs Ndlovu
“The book indicated that his wife was tested for HIV at Nkulumane Clinic on December 19 and had tested positive. On February 22 the husband went for an HIV test and also tested positive.”—@SlyCee10

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  • Hezvo

    Oh my God!! Such ignorance. You do not get HIV from a mosquito bite Mumanyikawakaroka. Seriously you still do not know this in 2018!!!!!!

    • Bth

      kkkkk shame on some of us , who still do not know that mosquitos do not transmit HIV, its like voting zanu frausters in this day and age

      • Mumanyikawakaroka

        Whoever told you you don’t get HIV from a mosquito bite was not being honest. Every bodily fluid has the potential to transmit the virus. Nobody HIV negative has ever volunteered to be exposed to the virus for the simple reason that HIV is a Life In Imprisonment if not outright Death Sentence. Therefore most of these researchies on HIV transmission or otherwise are flawed in the sense that they are done without anybody HIV negative opting, eg to be bitten by mosquitoes that have previously sucked blood from an HIV positive person.If there are such volunteers please let me know.

        • Ex Bosso Supporter

          United fans must be jealous of Liverpool and Salah

          • Former Saints

            Kkkkkk.., yoou are so.funny…

        • maya maye

          you are right, a mosquito is a dangerous insect in transmitting diseases, you see it loaded with blood and heading to bite someone

  • C.Note

    Eish such cruelty from the wife. She was the one who brought it home I am certain. If it was the husband, she would have told him about the results of her test. I presume the reason for not telling the husband was that she was afraid the husband might leave her so she decided to infect him so that they remain together.

  • scrutiniser

    true,batshele ! kkkk

    • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

      Asitshele amanga….you are actually dumber than this Njomane chap …..Has it occured to both of you that when the wife tested on the 19th she could have been infected already and the couple could have intimate all along prior to the wife testing ????

      • Mahambayedwa

        Is dinner not an option?

  • Smoothy1

    Trying to reason , yes, but your capacity is very weak. Wife tested +ve on 19 Dec but that does not mean that’s when she contracted it. It could be months earlier.

    • World Citizen

      You got him! hahahaha, nice one. I got a good laugh from this

      • Romeo

        I have no desire to buy a house

    • Toenail Sibanda

      Your TV suggested you to buy a cat or a dog

  • kuda

    Excellent, well said mate. thank you.

  • Mzaca

    There is no proof that the husband was negative before 19 December. Men must also have health seeking behaviours, many women have faced violence from their husband because they are the one being tested first and men claim that women brought the virus. The man must stop the blame game and waste of time, energy and resources and concentrate on his medication.

    I urge other men to go for HIV testing and also check up for other diseases.

    • chinos

      U spot on the magistrate who entertaining the nonsense is questionable? Maybe the bribe taking type from the goblin era.

    • msongelwa

      I agree with you mzaca kungenzeka ukut indoda yiyo eyanikeza losisi igcikwane so there was no need to go all the way blaming your partner on this lathi amadoda asifundeni ukuyemtholampilo siyohlolwa izifo singalindeli ukut unkosikazi nxa sezithwele engabuya bethi unegative susithi nami ngiryt no.

    • Mthwakazi

      Dry cleaning advised?

  • kay

    I hope HIV and AIDS service organisations including National AIDS Council and the Ministry of Health are glued on to this – the mention of mosquitoes in the same statement around transmission of HIV is a clear indicator that a lot of work still needs to be done with regards to awareness activities. Roll up your sleeves and plunge right into it – a lot needs to be done still

  • Legal Eagle

    It is good to see the well informed comments here and the intelligent conclusions. In 1998, Zimbabwe criminalized the willful transmission of HIV. That is failure to disclose one’s status or to take precautions for preventing the transmission of AIDS, In this case it is possible that the Husband gave her the virus or vice versa. The crime in this case would be failure to disclose because legally those that test can not force you to disclose but they do warn or should warn that you need to let your Partner know so that he or she may be tested. Counseling is also possible to try to save a marriage because it is not always intimate actions that cause one to get the virus but also contaminated sharp objects. That being the case the women rightly or wrongly must think she got it elsewhere because she might have strayed yet despite that it might be the husband. Either way she could have told him so that the quicker he accetained his status the quicker he would take measures to protect his health.

    • Ex Dynamos Supporter

      As a neutral watching the game 3 things really stood out to me,

      1, Arsenals defending looked very amateur.
      2, The Perez goal was brilliant.
      3, Shelvey has really matured and is looking like a very good player.

      • Bosso-Tshilas-Asifuni Bumbulu

        To X-dimbare and Legal E, I am just wondering why you are commenting on Arsenil problems when you are also having your own problems of Dimbare which is yet to win a game. Start with your own mess before pointing to other people’s problems.

        • Dumi

          Lots of nutters on this Platform. The Government needs to prioritize Meds for mental illness. Eish Satsha…

    • Ex Dynamos Supporter

      Arsenal’s situation has been the same for about 14 years, there is absolutely no plan to change, and the pressure from some fans to get rid of Wenger is met with shrugs and indifference by the board. A club in which stagnation is the business model, because it is so profitable, and professional success is irrelevant to the board because the money keeps rolling in.

      Wenger will coach Arsenal well into his seventies, because there is zero pressure on him to win anything from the board.

    • Mthwakazi

      Sir, I’m afraid you have said nothing.

      • Legal Eagle

        Well to someone with nothing in his head what can I say?

        • Vusi Moyo

          Not sure how well it will be received in the middle East

        • Doctor Do little

          Well sir they do say empty barrels make the most noise. This one makes a lot of needless mindless noise.

    • Taurai

      A well articulated comment.

  • The Brown Bottle

    Leicester won the title a couple of years ago with the lowest possession stats in the league. Let’s face it; for the vast majority of footballing history, we don’t even have possession statistics. They’re utterly meaningless.

  • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

    They were not being intimate for the first time after the wife tested remember……so your 3 months window period theory in this case is neither here nor there. Read , understand and then think hard before you comment

    • Collin Siziba

      It’s nothing a bow tie can’t put right.

  • maye maye

    why defend a mosquito when you know it sucks blood from someone and then bites another person spitting all its contents into someone