Woman lays hubby trap for pest suitor

Mashudu Netsianda Senior Court Reporter
A Bulawayo man earned a thorough beating for flirting with a married woman after her husband teamed up with his friend to assault him.
The woman’s husband, Thabiso Tshuma, 23, of Emakhandeni suburb teamed up with his friend, Wellington Mlilo, 23, and descended on Costa Tshuma, 23, of Lobengula West with a flurry of punches and a knobkerrie.

Western Commonage magistrate Temba Chimiso heard how Costa would on different occasions meet Chamaine Makuni on the street and propose love to her. The court heard that each time the two met, Makuni would turn Tshuma down, telling him that she was married.

Prosecuting, Ruvimbo Chanduru, narrated how on the morning of January 24, Chamaine met Costa while she was coming from work.
He proposed love to her and she turned him down insisting that she was married.

The court heard that Costa was not convinced and he continued to pester Chamaine.
Tired of being bothered, the annoyed Chamaine tricked Costa into accompanying her to her matrimonial home.

“Chamaine and Costa then proceeded to Emakhandeni where Chamaine lived with her husband. On arrival, Chamaine got inside the house telling Costa to remain at the gate under the guise that she wanted to leave something in the house,” said Chanduru.
The court heard that Chamaine came back in the company of Thabiso and Wellington.

She introduced Costa to her husband as one of the people proposing love to her.
The two men descended on Costa and assaulted him with fists and a knobkerrie and he took to his heels.

Costa sustained bruises on his back and he reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Thabiso and Wellington.
Chimiso convicted Thabiso and Wellington on their own pleas of guilty to assault.

He, however, noted that there was a high level of provocation on the part of Costa and fined the two men $100 each.

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