Woman watches hubby ‘kill boyfriend’ at love nest

Patrick Chitumba Midlands Bureau Chief—
A WOMAN from Lower Gweru watched in horror as her husband brutally murdered her alleged boyfriend at their love nest, police confirmed yesterday. Midlands acting provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende said the incident occurred on Tuesday at about 7.30PM. She said James Murunye of London B resettlement in Lower Gweru was allegedly murdered by Leonard Phiri, 27, of number 37 Spring farm.

“We received a sudden death case involving a male adult from Lower Gweru. Police investigations are underway,” Asst Insp Mukwende said. Sources close to the incident said Phiri allegedly murdered Murunye for dating his wife.

They said trouble started when Murunye proposed love to Phiri’s wife, Lorain Garakara, 23. “Lorain (Garakara) and James (Murunye) have been going out for some time. Phiri was just suspecting but didn’t have enough evidence to pin his wife,” said a fellow villager who identified himself as Shumba.

He said on Tuesday, Garakara forgot her cellphone in their bedroom hut and Phiri took it and started reading messages in the phone before coming across a message from Murunye.

“Murunye had sent a text to Garakara asking her to meet him at their usual meeting place in that area. Phiri then responded to the text message pretending to be his wife and agreed to meet him,” said Shumba.

He said when Garakara returned home, Phiri force marched her to where her alleged lover was. When they arrived, Phiri went into hiding after ordering his wife to wait for Murunye. He said after some time, Murunye arrived and greeted Garakara.

“Before Murunye knew it, Phiri sprung from the bushes, struck him with a knobkerrie on the head and all over the body while Garakara watched helplessly,” said Shumba. He said Phiri ran away from the scene before Garakara reported the matter to the police.

Asst Insp Mukwende said police were worried by the increase in murder cases in the province. “We call upon members of the community to refrain from using violence as a means of solving their disputes. The police, church leaders and traditional leaders should be consulted when such matters arise because life is sacred,” she said.

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  • Ednot

    These morthern women cannot keep their pants on eish

    • The Awakened

      What does geography have to do with this?

      • Ednot

        Ask Tomde first
        Why are you asking me when he gives us Geoghraphy leasons every day. Spell my name backwards and then you will be Awakened

        • Zuze

          Kikikikkiki well played Ednot

    • Papa Wa Ofentse Le Nqobile

      Shut it swina.

  • blarazonke

    Its bitter to have your partner laid by someone , but its sweet laying someone else’s.

    • Dlodlo

      and the getting bludgeoned to death for it? No, not sweet at all.

      • blarazonke

        True, true, someone has had his balls crushed by a pair of pincers in Masvingo!!

    • Mmmm

      Blarazonke, withdraw the last half of your statement or else he will soon know.You were so unfair to him.

      • blarazonke

        I regretted after failing to deal with the temptations. Women!!!!

  • Dhokotera

    Murunye knew that he was stealing someone’s grapes, so he was ready to face the consiquencies…..Why did he prefer someone else’s wife ivo vakadzi vakawanda kudarika varume? Mvana dziripo hobho kunze uko!! I hev no sympathy for him at all.

    • Anonymous

      No one understands that gibberish nonsense. What are you trying to say? Freaken say it already.

      • WeMwembe

        Dhokotera varikuti Murunye amama ….

  • Whyisvm

    Well done Mr Phiri , Murunye has learnt a permanent lesson, he will never disrespect another man again.

    • Bongani

      But he is going to jail and the wife will get another man. What an idiot.

  • s

    the murder cases are on the increase so says the police. the spirit of adultery and murder is on the increase. unfortunate you cant arrest a spirit.

  • Citizen

    At 23 she married too young and clearly to Mr Wrong.

  • Yimi Lowo

    Shona lothuvi