Women break into house, stay for 6 months

The gweru house that the women broke into

The gweru house that the women broke into

Grace Nyoni, Midlands Reporter
TWO daring Gweru women broke into a locked house and lived in it for six months without the knowledge of the owner who was away in South Africa.

The gutsy Shantell Ncube (23) and Precious Mashonjowa (24) allegedly occupied the house in August last year.

Neighbours reportedly thought they were related to the owner who they said rarely communicated with them.

The complainant, Mr Nkosiyabo Hove who is working in South Africa left his house, Number 11306 Mkoba 20 locked and unoccupied last year when he left the country, only to find two strangers living in it upon return earlier this month.

The shocked injiva reported the matter to the police at Mkoba One Police Station, leading to the arrest of the women.

The intruders appeared before magistrate, Mrs Judith Taruvinga, facing unlawful entry and unauthorised use of property.

Magistrate Taruvinga sentenced the duo to nine months in prison after they pleaded guilty to the charges.

The magistrate suspended one month on condition that they restitute Mr Hove $167 that they incurred in water charges during the unlawful stay by January 31, 2018.

They will serve an effective eight months in prison.

Prosecuting, Miss Sonile Mahlangu said on an unknown date but in August last year, Ncube and Mashonjowa broke a padlock on a door and entered Mr Hove’s house after they discovered that there was no one living in it.

The court heard they used property in the house as if it was theirs.

The two incurred a water bill of $167 during their unlawful occupation of a private property, the court heard.

When Mr Hove returned from South Africa last week, he found the two in the house, sharing rooms and using his property.

He made a report to the police leading to the duo’s arrest.

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  • Chandunga

    He was supposed to thank them instead for taking care of his house. Why honestly would be live a house unoccupied when people are homeless? Crazy and ungrateful man. Besides these ladies might be linked to him. Why did they have the chagrin to break and stay in an unoccupied house without the knowledge of the whereabouts of the owner honestly?

    • svina

      imba ndeyake anoita zvaanoda nayo. akavaka imi muchinwa dhoro. let the man be and build your own damn house not to blame him for other peoples homelessness

      • clenk

        it seems this house was once used as a creshe

      • Essexvale

        futseki wako imbga yemunhu, awuna kana hunhu, imba iyo akavaka ega, asi tikamuchengetera asipo. Tirikutoda compensation equivalent to the allowances of a 24hr guard.

    • musa

      the house is his to do as he pleases that is why the court found the women guilty. as for the women, they are criminals, relatives or not. you do not use someone’s property without consent, that is zany pf mentality.

    • Bird Eye Chilli


  • God of War

    I hope he beat them up first.

  • Seles

    We are just filling our prisons with people who commit petty crimes. Did these ladies steal anything? If at all these ladies should be thanked for taking care of his property whilst he was away. Anything could have happened during his absence. These ladies should have been made to serve community service instead of incarcerating them for 6 months at our expense. My thoughts.

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      Is breaking into and occupying someones house a petty crime?

  • Morgan

    He was supposed to make them his wives

    • mathe

      he was going to end up in serious trouble

  • guptagupta

    They refused to pay rent hence the fixing

  • Rode

    rapist are left to go scot free….this judgement is not fair. Can women pressure groups appeal to the high court on behalf of these women

    • sibangilizwe

      At least the whole sentence could have been suspended for five years and only to allow them time to pay for the water bill. Poor girls I blame ZANU.


    What a man of principles, he even refused when the two lazy women wanted to pay her in kind. Thus they would have thought they could stay there for as long as they could dish their stuff to him. Men should be careful of these gold diggers. Some women can do anything to be looked after or to be housed.