WOMEN GO MAD AFTER RITUAL. . . Mubobobo defence backfires as Byo pair goes stark naked

Cellphone footage taken yesterday shows police escorting the women and children away from the Waterford compound

Cellphone footage taken yesterday shows police escorting the women and children away from the Waterford compound

Pamela Shumba, Senior Reporter
TWO Bulawayo women spent a night at Hillside Police Station after they went berserk and walked around completely naked following a ritual.

Residents at Waterford compound had to call the police after they failed to control the two who started behaving bizarrely, with their children also naked after they reportedly bathed with water mixed with herbs sought from a traditional healer.

The two, whose names could not be established yesterday, were arrested on Monday.

They reportedly sought services of the traditional healer after they suspected that their father-in-law was sexually abusing them using mubobobo.

Mubobobo is said to be a supernatural way that enables a man to have sex with a woman from a distance without her consent or knowledge.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident, saying the women have since been released.

“We received a report of two women who were arrested for public indecency. They spent a night in the cells and were released the following morning,” said Insp Simango.

Sources at Hillside Police Station said after they got back to their senses the women who are married to brothers, told police officers that they used herbs sought from a traditional healer to stop their father-in-law from abusing them.

“The women are married and their husbands are out of the country. They decided to consult a traditional healer after they suspected that their father-in-law was sexually abusing them using mubobobo.

“I think there was something wrong with the herbs they were given by the traditional healer. They started behaving in a strange manner and walked around naked together with their children,” said a witness who declined to be named.

He said neighbours had to call the police after they failed to control them.

He said a report was made to the police who took the women to Hillside Police Station.

A dramatic video circulating on social media shows police officers struggling to apprehend the two as they resisted arrest.

Their four naked children screamed in terror as their mothers were being arrested. One of the women shouted at the police officers.

Scores of people took time to film the dramatic scene while others watched in disbelief.


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  • Miyane

    The spirits of the Ndebele people killed during Gukurahundi are back.

    • Slay Godess

      Haha Miyane kungena ngaphi lokho

    • MakhosiXamu

      This man is just a wasted cabbage.

      • *****

        Cabbages are edible and therefore useful Xamu. Surely there must be something more stronger in your usual bag of insulting epithets?

        • *****

          And Xamu – the guy below this comment has done much better than you this time around.

  • God of War

    Why do women like juju so much?

    • Genghis Khan


      • MakhosiXamu

        Desperation ?. kikikikikikikiiiiiiiiiii. These matters are very complex, only a spiritual person can understand them. Science will never assist in such matters. I know very well that God of War is too scientific and will never comprehend such matters.

        • Citizen Joe Bloggs

          According to his indisputable and inspired Word, our Almighty Father has written his law in the heart of every soul born to this world. And bearing upon this, I must, however rarely, agree with you about the incident’s spirituality.

          • Jojo

            But again spiritual things are foolishness to the carnal man

        • Zuze

          Xamu I see you have a twin Lizzard using your name. KKKK Funny it is so easy to tell the real Xamu. I heard the Goat debit card was your idea. KKKKKK So you are spiritual? KKKKK You must be careful Ndoda. You will drink the wrong herbs. As Dolittle said some time ago there are many herbs out there that cause people to hallucinate. You should know njobana imbanje zikutwalise qata KKKKKK.

          • Dungeni

            Zuze this is not a Joke Wena. Inqondo zako ziyatata yini? Makhosi is right.These are complex matters.

  • clement moyo

    video is proof of story period and if you don’t like just die – its reality and take it or leave

    • Ndlukula YeSizwe

      its idiotic people like you who are a curse on our land. Instead of videotaping corrupt activities at roadblocks and finding “proof” on things of consequence that can better our nations fortunes,you want to jerk off to a video of naked women in Waterford. Shame on you and all who video tape such scenes.

      • Sie


      • God of War

        We all can’t do the same thing. Wena video tape corrupt activities and some of us will record naked women. Its a free world.

      • Xman

        do u want the video


    People must run away from the things of juju as nothing good comes out of it other than demons. Believe me you will only get demons from the traditional healers, some who are now calling themselves “Prophets” yet not Prophets of God of the Bible.Seek Christ and you shall be saved.

  • God of War

    So your solution is for banning the use of cellphones in capturing videos. Go and stay in DPRK if that’s what you want because it will never happen here. Even the minister of home affairs gave us permission to film spikes being thrown.

    • ANSWER

      i agree with Max …..he is wishing and i do wish the same coz filming a naked woman yooo

  • Essexvale

    Why is the term “traditional rituals” always being used to cover-up cases of blatant witchcraft? My take on this is one of witchery gone horribly wrong. I am of the opinion that the increased incidences of occultism in the nation is rooted in the so-called anti-witchcraft law that often gives a lifeline to practitioners of this evil art. Additionally, I feel that this situation is being ably assisted by the prevailing environment in which moral values are rapidly being eroded by the culture of impunity which is so evident among “our” leadership and the general citizenry. Quite obviously, the obtaining lack of decent service delivery and competent governance must be considered as being key results pertaining to this situation that has seen the nation being counted as a rogue state by democratically inclined nations in the global family.

  • ntaka

    they could have been hit by a return to sender concotion, kulezi nsuku kulemithi enzima ebantwini, ufice umuntu ekunikeza iqhaga lidubuke livuthe umlilo onzima lawe uqaleke. Enye inyanga kuthiwa yayibonakala emayezini nxa isizondile

    • chidzidzi

      they could have been exposed to flakka which is abused mostly in developed countries

  • Nkosinathi

    ngabathakathi leba

  • ezwenielihle

    The police were supposed to take them to hospital so that they are attended and then made to appear in court charged with crimen injuria and child abuse . Children are not supposed to be exposed to nude. The traditional healer who administered the drug is supposed to appear in court for endangering peoples lives

  • lindani

    may you google the mundari dance of south sudan, and see some guys dancing

  • lindani

    l suspect it could be their husbands who are away who are sending the mubobobo

  • Thobekani

    Edior pliz get yo facts correct that ain’t Waterford but Riverside Agricultural Plots!!!