Women try to rape ‘well endowed’ man

Rape accused Nomthandazo Ndlovu

Rape accused Nomthandazo Ndlovu

Codelia Mondela, Court Reporter
TWO women from Bulawayo allegedly tried to rape a man that they had stripped naked with the intention of robbing him in broad daylight, after discovering he had a big manhood.

Nomthandazo Ndlovu (30) of Old Pumula and Shylet Phiri (31) of Makokoba allegedly ganged up on the 49-year-old man near Ambassador Funeral Parlour in Mzilikazi suburb.

A court heard on Thursday that the duo fondled his penis until he became aroused.

They allegedly demanded some money from the man who is an electrician before removing his underwear and trousers.

Phiri is alleged to have told the man that she wanted to have sex with him because he had a big manhood.

Ndlovu and Phiri pleaded not guilty to a charge of indecent assault before magistrate Ms Sithembiso Ncube who remanded the matter to Wednesday for continuation of trial.

The man said Ndlovu and Phiri removed his trousers and underwear after he informed them he had no money.

Shylet Phiri

Shylet Phiri

He said: “They toyed with my penis and it became erect. I started feeling blood rushing through my body,” he stammered.

In her defence Ndlovu said it was not the first time they had played with the man in that manner.

“We have played with him this way before and on this particular day we only held him by his belt,” she said.

“He was called to fix an electric fault at my sister’s house but the problem became worse. We held him since my sister wanted him to fix the problem he had caused,” Ndlovu said.

Prosecuting, Ms Tafadzwa Mutsambiwa said the indecent assault incident occurred on September 2 around 5:30PM.

“Ndlovu held the man’s hands and Phiri undressed him. Phiri stroked his penis several times and informed him that she wanted to have sex with him since he had a big penis,” Ms Mutsambiwa said.

The court heard that the man screamed for help but to no avail.

Ms Mutsambiwa alleged that the man struggled and the two left him naked.

He reported the matter the next day at Mzilikazi Police Station.


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  • Ziyabheda

    Indecent assault,yes, that is what it is.

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      If these women want their Electricity fixed they can call me anytime.

      • musa

        i will give phiri your number

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          I would rather Nomthandazo comes alone, thank you!

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            Eish Nomthandazo is mine, makes my blood boil kkkkk

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            True, Shylet Phiri looks sickly.

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          Thank you Musa. You are a Star. I want to begin word ASAP.

          • Sonde

            It wasn’t me (Shaggy)

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          Muas don’t give him the number. I do the “ELECTRICAL WORK” and “PLUMBING” for these ladies.

          • Sonde’s Father

            My son, then why did you screem when it was time to do the plumbing? What a coward!! You fill me with shame. Let Tonde the sober brave northener take over. His parafin hat gives him courage to face and fix any type of electricity.

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            It wasn’t me (Shaggy)..

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  • dingani

    abafazi bakhona balengqondo ezimbi

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    Really fortune favours fools. If it was me aroused, I could have given them a real 3** some kkkkk. Now the poor guy screamed and scared the birds away aii where is my uncle Xamu

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  • Madzibaba Bhawureni

    These ladies need makate gumi nembiri for them to be freed from this dermornic mentality . I advise them to visit me at shrine for a one to one session with me .

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    thsi guy , sure , i could have killed two birds wuth one stone ,

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      Aww I wish it could have been me

  • Ex Bosso Supporter

    There’s no rape here, it looks like it’s their game.

  • Wellington

    He had gotten himself an early christimass present but this lady Phiri yohhhhh

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    If it was TSM i don’t know what was going to happen

  • zibulo

    all you guys lithatheka njengemota yamasw………….!!! Its just pathetic journalism at work here, amarture reporting. The man was held by the women for the job he did not finish, so looks like he screamed to attract attention and then cries RAPE !!. Women raping men , in broad daylight. The chornicle chap should have checked this, and the lousy editing , allowing such to be published, no wonder they publish B metro too

  • Brutal Truth

    The other lady pictured here looks like AIDS.