XMO Squad donate to the less privileged

Bongani Ndlovu Showbiz Correspondent
KALAWA Homecoming Party organisers XMO Squad have donated food items to inmates at Entembeni Old People’s Home in Luveve suburb, Bulawayo.

The groceries valued at $1,000, included meat, mealie-meal, jam and other foodstuffs.

Handing over the donation to the 50 inmates at the home last Wednesday, Oskido’s father Esaph Mdlongwa said the gesture was a way of giving back to the community which contributed to the upbringing of the Kalawa Homecoming Party organisers.

He said it was important for children to always remember and take care of their parents.

“Children shouldn’t forget their parents. There are many old people here who’re heartbroken because their children have abandoned them. It’s not in our culture as Africans to abandon our parents,” said Mdlongwa who is a former MP of the area.

Oskido, born Oscar Mdlongwa is the Kalawa front man.

Mdlongwa said he was made to understand that in future such donations will be extended to other old people’s homes in the city.

“The Homecoming Party is about the children who used to play here in Luveve and are now giving back to the community,” he said.

Khulu Dube who spoke on behalf of the inmates said he was touched by the donation which showed there are some people who remember the less fortunate members of their communities.

“I’ve two children one in the rural areas and the other in South Africa and they’ve forgotten about me. This is a blessing for someone else’s child to remember that there are people like us that need help. I’m so touched by their generosity and kindness,” said Khulu Dube.

The manager of the institution Jessica Matavire said the donation came at the most opportune time as it enabled inmates to join in the festivities.

“We’d like to thank the XMO Squad for leading by example in the community. It’s very few who remember to give back to the community when they’ve made it in life and I hope others will emulate you,” said Matavire.

XMO Squad also provided dinner for the inmates.


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