Zim Diaspora, locals need each other


Morris Mpala, MoB Capital (Pvt) Ltd
INITIALLY we were disturbed by the number of Zimbabweans resident outside the country but now we think it is a blessing.

It now makes our financial freedom crusade attainable with “Zimbos”, by “Zimbos” for “Zimbos”. That is financial democracy and financial territorial integrity.

If there was any point in time when the Diaspora and the locally based needed each other it is now. They do complete the Zimbabwean economic puzzle perfectly. This scenario is now playing to Zimbabwe’s advantage in a big and unprecedented manner.

Our initial curse is turning into a blessing that needs cultivating and nurturing for it to realise its maximum potential. Potential alone is nothing if it is not realised because it remains just that without tangible benefits.

What needs to be understood are vital roles that each of the two have to play in this crucial emancipation period.

Zimbabweans are all over and this now makes it easy to conquer the world as we are everywhere and thus we can be felt globally.

The network is there already, the world culture is now ours because we are universal like that.

Both parties have different roles to complete the picture in a complementary manner just each needs to understand their crucial role and play it to their full potential.

What does Zim Diaspora bring to the table?

There is acquired expertise from working abroad. Zimbabwe has just been introduced to the best practice way of doing business and no one understands that better than Zimbabwean Diaspora. The rich experience works well with the locals in cementing knowledge base for business to tap from.

They bring partnerships that could usher in capital. This is competitive long cost effective capital that most industries are crying for.

They bring in that trust between want to be investors and the local businesses due to years and years of being out there in the world.

They also bring with them a certain culture of doing business that we are still to grasp from our years and years of distorted economic fundamentals.

Assuming they are knowledgeable, we could tap into their take on business. Their savings are a source of capital. This becomes a source of competitive capital, which could be turned into cost effective debt/equity for businesses trying to come out of economic doldrums.

The Diaspora community understands the Zimbabwean way and the international way of doing business, thus bridging the knowledge gap. They now have that exposure to potential capital foreign markets to Zimbabwe, which aides in our exportation drive. They also intimately know these markets and their culture.

And these are our sons and daughters who can be trusted to bring us solutions not headaches. It’s easier to trust kith and kin than total strangers. It makes even signing of MoUs easier and user friendly than it would normally happen with international business deals.

Patriotic locals’ role

They have the industries, land that can be tapped into. These are ripe and ready for takeover through capital injection or equity injection. Suffice to say these are at a discount as at present. They understand the local landscape better and so are accustomed to local culture which is vital for effective productivity and service provision.

They need to be good, willing people and capable to embrace integration with what the Diaspora brings to table.

Locals provide a good and correct state of affairs of business on the Zimbabwean landscape with all the vital statistics for the other parties to make informed decisions.

They have minimal infrastructure ready for smart partnerships to flourish with the Diaspora.

Zim – Zim partnership seems to be based on integrity given it’s one people. Locals also know their way around in terms of business requirements to expedite the process of commencing business in Zimbabwe.

The role of government

All the government needs to do is create a very conducive environment for these two partnerships to thrive and bear fruits. The government has to bring down all the barriers to make this a success story. We have elaborated these before and we just need to move with one goal to sustain these two parties.

The government needs to understand bringing its own citizenry together is not an easy task due to complexes among family as it were. It has to try hard to convince both parties that it is committed to seeing these joint ventures succeed through carefully delicate cultivation of meeting the demands of these parties and meeting their business demands in full not just piecemeal mediocre solutions. Above all listen to both their concerns and address them as they arise.

These investments have to be protected to increase trust. The need to safeguard such investments assures more to follow once one or two are successfully implemented.

Create an environment that is user-friendly, cost effective, and efficient and simple to the business people and their businesses in line with international standards.

These three partners need to negotiate with integrity to bring about the necessary change to the Zimbabwe landscape. The need for trust for all parties can never be overemphasised.

Once these arrangements are done there is need for continual engagement to sustain these partnerships as at times it involves non Zimbabwean citizenry. The need appreciate that we do not operate in a vacuum as FDIs (whether Zim Diaspora or otherwise) are looking for a secure home for their capital whether financial or otherwise.

Proudly Zimbabwean and having a strategic mind on future generations should be the guiding principle as we ask the man in the mirror to bring this tri-partite rendezvous to fruitful progression.

God bless Zimbabwe !!

If you live in Bulawayo please conserve water   

 If you live in Zimbabwe please use electricity sparingly: SOS (switch off switches)

If you live on planet earth please preserve the environment

Morris Mpala is managing director MoB Capital (Pvt) Limited, a microfinance institution offering loans, micro-insurance and advisory services to small to medium enterprises as well as individuals.

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  • Buffalojump

    The countries where Diaspora should ask them to return home if they are sending money out of the country. Those countries have welcomed the people who left. In the west race hasn’t been an issue. Unlike Zimbabwe they can own 100% of companies and not be indigenous to those countries.

    But those countries want to keep their currency and not just export cash. Zimbabwe has a gold mine with the Diaspora but it isn’t right to ask those countries who are disliked by Zimbabwe to have their currency sent out to a country that has nothing good to say about them.

    • Slam like Hamil B4 the scandal

      Many people and many livelihoods have, are and will be dependent on the Diaspora. It would be rather inhuman to have these countries barring funds from being remitted back home for the much needed support.

  • vusumuzi

    Lina bafana elibhala lapha yazini one thing ; This Diaspora which you and the State are pleading for SOS is the same people who suffered from the injustices of the Govt which will never listen to Zimbabweans but embarks on implementing short-sighted Policies in all spheres of life, thus making life tough enough to warranty an Exodus aswas seen. The Diaspora thing was not a deliberate creation of the State , it was a “Riddance” of certain unwanted members of the Zim Community , both young educated/street widse blacks who saw that Govt was lost and had no future here , and the white community , which Govt failed to successfully negotiate an Equitable and Sustainable Land Reform Process, claiming the whites were refusing. Liars!! Who in Zim can refuse when ZANU has unneccessarily flexed the State’s Military agains’t its own, including within itself in ZANU as evidenced recently. They could have got what they wanted from the farmers and leave them with one farm , leave Industry alone and continue without disrupting the Production. Now they appeal to Diaspora in a frivolous manner , to people who “have no spine as they fled”, according to many sarcastic comments which came from them. The same Machinery still runs Zim without any reforms , makong Zim a HIGHLY RISKY Investement destination. The same Obert , Khandakhulu Jonathan , Mgabe , Joint Command whose members call judges ignorant , liars , kidnappers , torturers , still run the place, ready to unleash its Security forces agains t its own.The diaspora gained the Knowledge , Capital m Skills abroad not because they were sent by ZANU, they were refugees , who are even mocked by their own selfish Zimbabwean brothers and sisters who remained .

  • Citizen

    The best of the Zimbabwean diaspora is not coming back home again. They’ve built and invested so much abroad… It is no longer viable to throw it away for Zim. And who is to say their children, will feel any sense of loyalty and cultural identity that ties them with Zimbabwe?