Zim film producers ‘ready for digitalisation’

Bongani Ndlovu Showbiz Correspondent
INDEPENDENT film producers say they are ready for digitalisation as they have the requisite skills and equipment to produce cutting edge programmes that are of regional and international standards.This follows concerns raised by Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo that there were not enough skilled producers in Zimbabwe to meet the content requirements when the country goes digital.

Bulawayo based producer Trevor Ncube said he agreed with Professor Moyo that there were many people who masqueraded as television producers.

“I think what the Professor is saying is correct because there are many people who think they’re producers but don’t have the skills,” he said.

Ncube however said there were some who had the skills and ideas to produce quality programmes and some of them have been producing the programmes for the past 10 years.

“We’ve the content and the skills as we’ve produced shows for the past 10 years.  Hopefully this digitalisation will give everyone an opportunity to showcase their skills,” he said.

Ncube said there was need to bring in people with fresh ideas to make up content committees at ZBCtv.

“The professor should look into the composition of those who choose content and revamp the committees. They should’ve the necessary skills to be on those committees. We shouldn’t have people who’ve never shot a film or produced a television show,” he said.

Music video producer Andy Sobhuza better known as Andy Cutta said the skilled people were there but were taking their works to foreign stations because ZBCtv was not taking their productions.

“I believe the skill is there but it hasn’t been given the opportunity. We’ve been forced to take most of our products to other stations,” he said.

Andy Cutta said what was important was for producers to come up with relevant programming that people would enjoy.

“What’s important for us as producers is to  have quality and relevant programming, be it reality television, soaps, or magazine shows. If it’s relevant then it’ll be watched and enjoyed by people,” he said.

Andy Cutta urged government to identify talented producers and send them to other countries for training so that they meet international standards in film production.

Harare based producer Freeman Machipanda agreed with Andy Cutta and said they were eagerly waiting for digitisation.

“I think we’ve the skills that are required to produce good quality programmes that will be in demand. We’ve the content and we’re eagerly waiting for the digitalisation,” he said.

Machipanda said his production company had cultural documentaries and magazine shows and was preparing to premiere movies that will be shown at Rainbow cinemas this year.


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