Zim woman (22) survives 11-man gang rape in SA


Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
A 22-YEAR-OLD Zimbabwean woman based in South Africa was allegedly gang raped by 11 Tanzanians while coming from work last week.

The incident occurred in Johannesburg and the Zimbabwean Embassy is investigating the sexual assault.

The woman’s identity has been withheld for ethical reasons.

Zimbabwe Consul-General in South Africa Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro said his team was on the ground to establish what really occurred.

“We’re investigating a case where a 22-year-old Zimbabwean woman was gang raped by 11 Tanzanians while coming from work,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro.

“The team is out trying to find out what happened but I’m told she was raped by Tanzanians not Nigerians as we had been earlier told.”

He said the woman was sexually violated while coming from work.

Mr Mukonoweshuro said the woman was working at a tavern that closes very late at night or in the early morning hours.

He said 11 Tanzanians could have ganged on her as she was heading home.

The Consul-General could not reveal whether the rapists had been arrested.

Mr Mukonoweshuro urged Zimbabweans to be alert while travelling at night saying Johannesburg was a very dangerous city.

“There has always been violence especially in Johannesburg and we urge people to take extra care. Therefore, it is always advisable that people should secure their travel because there are those criminal elements who always want to take advantage of the situation,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro.

In 2015, two white South African men filmed themselves gang raping a Zimbabwean woman who had approached them seeking employment as a domestic worker.

The video sparked public outcry resulting in the two rapists being arrested.

On October 17, 2015, a gang of eight men armed with a gun and a knife attacked two couples who were taking a stroll at Rhodes Park in Kensington, South Africa.

The gang drowned the men in a nearby dam, used a knife to cut off the panties of both women and raped them.

The gang stole the couples’ clothes, jewellery and a cellphone which they sold for R320.

Three of the gang members were found guilty of robbery, two counts of rape and two counts of murder and were each sentenced to four life sentences.

The remaining five suspects who are believed to be foreigners are suspected to be hiding in Zimbabwe. One of the suspects was arrested last year in Zimbabwe where he had committed another crime.

He is expected to be extradited when that matter is resolved.

Media reports had initially indicated that 12 men had attacked the two couples.

South Africa has one of the highest rape case statistics on the continent with reports suggesting that a woman or girl child is sexually violated every 26 seconds.


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  • Cetshwayo

    I had Tanzanians have become a menace in Jozi, eish inkinga ke…sorry sisi wami may those Tanzanians face the fool wrath of the law

    • Ndoda

      KKK English never loved us bafo, on a serious note most of these acts are done by Zimbos

  • Bongani

    Rubbish akajaira varume vari 30 in one day. She is a prostitute by profession. Hapana nyaya apa.

    • Seles

      Would you say that had she been your sister or worse still your mother? Imagine how her family feels and here you are not helping the situation. Am not related to her but such should never happen to anybody in life. Besides traumatic, this can cause someone to have suicidal tendencies if not handled properly. Lets pray for her to recover the horrific attack. Its better to be robbed of earthly possessions rather than to be raped. This should not be condoned by any human being with all mental faculties in good shape. You see yourself enjoying such stories then uyabe ungakhuliswanga kuhle. We will certainly blame your parents for not instilling Ubuntu in you.

      • Yizo-yizo

        Tell him Seles! People like Bongani behave like they were brought up in a house which doubled up as a shebeen as well. Such should never be condoned by anyone regardless of the victim’s status or social standing. That is also God’s creation and so should be respected!!!!

    • Sie

      hambe fela khatshana wena sbhonda#youaretrash

    • SayItLikeYouMeanIt

      That is the most insensitive comment! She had to work at a tarven because in SA a degree doesnt take you anywhere as long as you dont have an ID! Some women work at restaurants and are raped by Taxi drivers who collect them at night. You are a very evil hearted man, maybe you are a rapist if not a womaniser yourself to even utter such a comment!! Disgrace!!

    • lulu

      you sound like one of the rapists wena heartless pig

    • Love

      maybe you are ane of those dogs

    • James Wenseslus

      Hope u die a painful death u heartless Bongani. What kind of a comment is that.

    • Priscilla

      You are a sick person , even a prostitute don’t have to be raped. Maybe you don’t know the meaning of the word rape.

    • Tawanda


    • mtshayazabhotshe

      you are a rapist doti yomuntu you have no respect for women njayothuvi!

  • Ntandokayiphikiswa

    Men we have a problem sometimes. I think there is need to castrate rapist of which most of us would say I am an extremist but this will help punish perpetrators pf such crimes. This can be done after scrutinizing the alleged case and finding that the was real penetration as some cases are always fake. Once you are proved guilty then your manhood is cut off completely so that you never eat of the fruit of Eve.

  • SayItLikeYouMeanIt

    Our sisters are forced to take odd and cheap jobs like this because of the tough life in disapora. SA is never safe even during the day. But I blame the gangsters who have no respect for human lives and the rapist men who do not know the value of a woman. Abuse of women and children is still rife. These Tanzanians come from areas where a woman doesnt have a voice, unlike our westernised culture in Southern Africa. Its just pathetic really 11 men?? How do you feel when someone is screaming in pain

  • josefa chinotimba

    Too bad.Every 26seconds a rape takes place in South Africa.

  • josefa chinotimba

    I think we Zimbabweans it is high time we hunt for those Tanzanians and retaliate,period.Our sisters can not be abused like that while we stand akimbo.#hunt for Tanzanians#.

    • MakhosiXamu

      You are absolutely right.

  • Concerned

    EDITOR – She was gang raped, and you are saying she survived gang rape?
    Report properly

    • Mbla

      She survived to tell the tale.

  • Mbla

    Eish Working in a Tavern. How did they know that these man were Tanzinians if no arrests has been made

    • Lenso

      Thru investigation bro

  • Fairer

    This is a sad occurance.Hope the culprits are arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.Whats wrong with some men???

  • Albert Ndlovu

    This really make sad reading.

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