Zimbabwe embarks on massive rebranding exercise

Cde Angelina Masuku

Cde Angelina Masuku

Pamela Shumba, Senior Reporter
ZIMBABWE is embarking on a massive rebranding exercise to improve the image of the country and turnaround the economy.

Minister of State for Bulawayo provincial affairs Cde Angeline Masuku yesterday told journalists that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had initiated the re-branding of the country to improve its image.

She said all the country’s provinces are expected to rebrand hence Bulawayo was also rebranding.

Zimbabwe’s image was battered internationally during the rule of former President Robert Mugabe resulting in international isolation and low foreign direct investment.

Investors have also been pessimistic about the country’s Indigenisation and Empowerment laws.

President Mnangagwa has said Government will embark on a re-engagement exercise so that Zimbabwe joins the community of nations.

He said the thrust now is to aggressively market Zimbabwe as an investment destination of choice and all was being done to improve ease of doing business.

The Government is working on a new 100-Day Action Plan meant to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) hence the emphasis on improving the ease of doing business.

Cde Masuku said Bulawayo Province has already set targets with various initiatives put in place to rebrand and move along with the rest of the country within the next 100 days.

“We’re all aware that President Mnangagwa has put in place a number of strategies and reforms that are aimed at developing our great nation. One of these strategies is nation branding. We have therefore started the process of rebranding Bulawayo together with other provinces.

“This is meant to change foreigners’ negative perceptions of Zimbabwe,” said Cde Masuku.

She said building a positive image of the country has a direct impact on socio economic development hence the need for rebranding.

“A provincial approach is going to be implemented since national branding is a summation of Zimbabwe’s provincial brands which offer unique attributes requiring highlighting.

“Having said that, we have a number of tasks set up for us as Bulawayo. At the end of a period of 100 days we’re expected to have a functional website, a provincial video and a provincial information pack/brochure,” said Cde Masuku.

She said she was already working with businesspeople in the province to revive industries.

“How we reach these goals is up to us as key players. We need to brain storm as one team and come up with innovative ideas that are unique to Bulawayo.

“These initiatives also include showcasing the rich culture, heritage and natural resources as well as investment opportunities available in our province,” said Cde Masuku.

She urged Bulawayo residents to join in the rebranding exercise and play their part in reviving the economy.

“We want to work with everybody to resolve the challenges we are facing as citizens,” said Cde Masuku. — @pamelashumba1

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  • zibulo

    Re-branding Zim starts with getting rid of you magogo , and your whole lot which was singing praise songs during Mgabe s tenure. Now you have chaged tune from soprano to alto, singing the same lines /words but now in praise of mngangagwa . Uvalele abanye abalemibono engafani leyakho, wena sesakuzwa sakubona, wazehlulekela , 37 years we have been suffering because of your lot and now you say you want tochange and attract the same people you looted moneys and firms from , resulting in an exodus of young people, thus regressing the Zim development process. God/Time/Nature will send us the Joshua to tae us accross to Freedom and Human Rights Land, you were never the people nor the parties , never. Atrocities you committed killing blacks claiming they were sellouts , litshisa imizi yabo, besekuza lamabhunu futhi atshise ebulale futhi umuntu omnyama, you learnt to be terrosrists, not freedom fighters, see how your lot rules since 1980- gugurahundi , black boots, cio , zrp all working agains’t the people . you were trained by rascals in China and Russia wherethere are no human rights/freedom, We lost relatives /friends/neighbors to attrocities by guerillas,and also by whites , we lost the same after independence to thie same party ruling , we lost the Zim dollar, firms , businesses , NRZ RMS Trucks are parked ku 13th ave truck horses standing on old rims , imagine how much a truck costs, stripped by the CHEFS of everything , you want to rebraand a country which has no Cash and you dont know or cant tell where the cash is- it means thieves are still in Govt, so forget about rebranding- phumani ku ZANU and declare a new crusade which is made up of you Freedom fighters and you will be joined by young zimbabweans in bringng Real change . what are you promoting magogo?what has changed since the coup? more price increases, more shortages of goods and cash , zrp and VID back on highways and have started their rotten acts. Go and re-brand ZBC /ZTV to be for zimbabweans and bring in Political and Economic topic for Discussion. why is it sacred to discuss these on these media? its because you are all crooks and thieves.Re-bran d Zimpapers/ZBC/ZTV by changing policies to cover all activities and all parties so that This Foreign Investir you are Trying To Lure/steal from Can at Least Be Convinced that there is openness

  • Danny

    As long kulabo gogo labo khulu the rebranding its a futile exercise. Its like painting an old bus expecting it to perform better.

  • Orange

    Kkkk what is she really talking about? What exactly is her province going to do to “rebrand”. I know branding of cattle/livestock. Is it similar? I dont understand this jargon. Sometimes its best to keep quiet if you have no plans than confuse people.

  • Dr Distrinovisko Makonikov

    I do not get anything here? She is talking around one point but there is little substance.A set of ideas and intentions are not strategies. From the way she is saying it here, I do not see anything of substance coming out of this exercise.

  • The Observer

    Ogogo lamaxhegu abalamanga!