$1,6bn ultra city on cards for Masvingo


Walter Mswazie in Masvingo
A GROUP of South Africa-based Zimbabweans plan to establish a $1,6 billion ultra-city linking Rutenga and Ngundu Growth Points in Mwenezi and Chivi Districts.

The unique project is expected to create thousands of job opportunities in the province. It will have a dry port with at least 500 luxury boats for tourism purposes on the multimillion dollar Tokwe-Mukosi Dam.

Speaking during the Tokwe-Mukosi Dam investment conference organised by Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Senator Josiah Hungwe’s office on Sunday, head of delegation, Mr Kenneth Charundura, said the money was ready for release once necessary modalities have been addressed with the Government.

“As a team of Zimbabweans in South Africa, we are going to establish a $1,6 billion ultra city at Rutenga and Ngundu Growth points in Mwenezi and Chivi soon, before the year end,” said Mr Charundura.

He said the money was coming in the form of a grant payable at a concessionary rate and each growth point was going to gobble up at least $500 000 to develop worldclass facilities.

“We have started engaging the Government over this ambitious deal and we are only left with modalities before we start recruiting people for different jobs,” he said.

“The 500 boats meant for boat cruising in the Tokwe-Mukosi Dam will be kept at the dry port in the Ultra City, ready to be hired by tourists.”

Senator Hungwe said there were many people from Masvingo who live in the diaspora who have the capacity to turn around the economic fortunes of the province. He said diaspora participation in community development was critical as it buttresses President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe is open for business agenda.

“We are gifted as a province and I urge you all to support all the initiatives that bonafide sons and daughters may proffer. Masvingo is also open for business and I want to invite all to come and invest in this province, which is laden with a number of resources and human capital,” he said.


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