19 year old ‘invents’ electric car

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The Chronicle

Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter
THIS generation is failing to find solutions to our daily problems because we are solving problems by creating others, says 19-year-old inventor Daniel Chigudu.

The Bulawayo-based inventor has come up with a power making facility which he calls the ‘24/7 Energy Production Service’(24/7 EPS) that ‘fuels’ his electric car.

Born in Bikita, Masvingo on May 20, 1999 he says he always liked experimenting a lot and he always had a drive to solve problems.

“I remember at some point when I was at primary school I created a pesticide and a water pump and all these became useful to my family and this gave me the drive to keep on doing things that makes people’s lives very easy,” said Chigudu.

He says from a young age he always noticed that he was different from other kids as he spent most of his time experimenting with dysfunctional electrical appliances while other kids were playing football.

Growing up in a very spiritual family Chigudu says he strongly followed his parents’ footsteps and his faith in God was strengthened. That is when Chigudu said he started seeing visions during the day and during the night of machines most of them he has never seen in real life and also strange planets.

“At first I was really confused and I would ask myself why do I always see visions of machines and mysterious planets and as time went on I started dreaming of the machinery parts which I would attempt to make in real life.”

After finishing his ‘O’ level at Tagona Secondary School in Bikita, Chigudu relocated to Bulawayo to do his ‘A’ level at Ihlathi High School where he did Maths, Biology and Food Science.

“At 17 I made my first robot prototype which could pick up things that’s when my brothers told me I should start studying physics on my own as I couldn’t do it at school. That’s when I started reading physics textbooks, as this could help me execute the things I was dreaming about,” said Chigudu.

Chigudu who is inspired by the likes of Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) and Bill Gates says he started building a physical prototype of his electric car project last year from the money he got from raising chickens.

With the money he got from his chicken project he bought some second hand wheels, electric motor, iron frames and other parts to build his prototype.

The inventor’s electric car does not require charging neither does it use fuel, but it uses the electricity which is continuously generated by his ‘24/7 Energy Production Service’ (24/7 EPS).

Asked to explain how the device works Chigudu refused saying he would like to have a patent first for his invention.

“This electronic car does not need to be charged as it gets its electricity from the energy production service which goes to the main electric motor connected to the rear wheels and it starts moving. If the electric motor becomes hot, it will automatically turn on the thrust which consists of propellers which are located at the back of vehicle as they assist the main electric motor and that keeps the car going for a very long distance as it does not have a range limit.”

Chigudu envisions having one of the largest technologies companies in Africa which he says he would call “Zodiac DC Technologies” focusing on robotics, energy, transport and the agricultural sector.

Chigudu, who has not seen his ‘A’ level results due to financial challenges, says the lack of funding is one of the challenges hindering him from achieving his dream.

“Besides the financial challenges the biggest problem giving me sleepless nights is how I will protect the 24/7 EPS, I know getting a patent will be a challenge,” said Chigudu.

He added that he would like to have investors coming on board to help him realise his dream but if that fails he would be left with no option but to sell the concept.
Chigudu believes his (24/7 EPS) will revolutionise the way we live.

“With the 24/7 EPS people’s lives will be made easy and cheap. People won’t have fuel expenses, electrical expenses as people can have cordless stoves, refrigerators and many other things,” he said.

Besides the electric car project he says he has been working on other projects most of them still on paper due to lack of resources.

They include drones, security system technology, paper recycling machines and agricultural tech solutions.

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