$2000 Debt inspires Chiza’s publishing house

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$2000 Debt inspires Chiza’s publishing house Marshal Chiza

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Marshal Chiza

Marshal Chiza

Danisa Masuku, Showbiz Correspondent
Fast-rising motivational speaker and author, Marshal Chiza, has added another feather to his career by opening a publishing house he has named Billionaire Publishers.

The 20-year-old writer said he went into publishing business after facing  financial challenges when he published his first motivational book – Success in no Time.

“I had to go out of my way to raise about $4 000 to fund the publishing of my first book.  I had to borrow about $2 000,” said Chiza.

He said it took him about six months to pay back the $2 000.

Chiza said he had since set up a publishing house to address the challenges faced by budding writers.

He  said although the publishing house was established with budding writers in mind, it was also open to seasoned writers

“The publishing house is there to cater for both upcoming writers and veterans hence the affordable charges,” he said.

Chiza said he had since employed five people who apart from publishing books, help budding writers with research.

“I’ve contracted five people who’re working on a part-time basis and also assist budding writers in their research,” he said.

Chiza said his publishing house has so far published a book for  renowned American pastor Rose Dakar and another one for prominent lawyer Kucaca Phulu.

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