2018 will be great: ASAPH: To take hip hop lifestyle to schools ASAPH celebrates his 26th birthday over the weekend at Red Cafe
ASAPH celebrates his 26th birthday over the weekend at Red Cafe

ASAPH celebrates his 26th birthday over the weekend at Red Cafe

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
ONE of Zimbabwe’s promising hip hop starlets, ASAPH, believes 2018 will be a year of great exploits in his career.

Born Tafadzwa Tarukwana in Bulawayo, ASAPH has made a name for himself in the past year with a must listen to album titled 25 that he released in November during the Sabela Music Live in Bulawayo.

Being in the game for the past 10 years, ASAPH, who celebrated his 26th birthday over the weekend at Red Cafe, said the 10-track album was a turning point in his life.

He said at one time he was contemplating quitting the music industry because his career was failing to take off and as such was not making much from his music.

“The album 25 changed everything in my career. I sat down last year in January and started to think about my life as I had turned 25.

ASAPH birthday 2

“Things weren’t working out when I was doing this music as all my plans were failing,” said ASAPH.

He said this was when he decided to write about all that he was going through and this culminated in the album he named 25.

The artiste who once said he was hip hop music’s saviour, said writing was not hard as lyrics flowed effortlessly.

“It wasn’t hard to write the songs on the album. When an artiste is inspired everything comes easily. I believe this is the best album I’ve ever done and it’s worth listening to,” said ASAPH.

The album has songs such as Yobs Anthem, My call, 10:19, Altezza Music, Brighter Days and Thuba’s Dream.

Although ASAPH admits that his career has been experiencing starts and stops over the years since his 2015 EP Kingsvilla and the launch of Burg Boyz, he believes 2018 will be a great year.

“I have this year targeted schools because that it is where most of my fans are.

“I have therefore lined up shows that promote the lifestyle of hip hop in schools and I might even use the shows to identify young talent,” said ASAPH.

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