Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, [email protected]

GWANDA Municipality has introduced a “Keep Gwanda Clean Campaign” which seeks to promote cleanliness in the mining town and restore its status as one of the cleanest towns in the country.

Gwanda Mayor, Clr Thulani Moyo said the campaign which seeks to reduce littering will see more bins being introduced in the town.

He said various stakeholders have come in to assist through donation bins. Clr Moyo said more bins will be introduced in business areas. The campaign will be officially launched on October 13.

“During my five year term my first task will be on the cleanliness of the town. Gwanda was once one of the cleanest town out of 32 local authorities. It used to be very clean and it was admired by many people. The issue of dumping litter anywhere has gone out of hand though the President launched a National Clean Up campaign and has also emphasised the importance of keeping our environments clean.

“A lot of people have not taken this message seriously which is putting our town which is putting residents at risk of contracting diseases such as Diarrhoea, Cholera among others. People just take the clean up campaign as a formality but as a council we will be launching the “Keep Gwanda Clean” which seeks to support the National Clean up campaign,” he said.

Clr Moyo said under the exercise the council will clear all illegal dumping areas that are sprouting around the town. He said no dumping signs will also be mounted around the CBD. Clr Moyo said his target is to have Gwanda adopt the smart cities concept. He said anyone found littering will pay a fine.

He said on the day of the launch of the campaign there will be a march and road show. Clr Moyo said MPs, political party leaders, business community, heads of Government departments, residents and other stakeholders will take part in the programme. He said stakeholders will be educated on cleanliness during the programme.


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