89 SA Bots returnees quarantined in Gweru

18 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
89 SA Bots returnees quarantined in Gweru Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Larry Mavima

The Chronicle

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief

MIDLANDS province yesterday received 89 returnees from South Africa and Botswana and they were immediately placed under mandatory quarantine.

48 of them came from South Africa and the other 41 from Botswana.

There are now 358 people quarantined in the Midlands province at Gweru Polytechnic Collage and Mkoba Teachers College as a way of mitigating against the spread of Covid-19.

So far, no returnee has tested positive and the province has not recorded any Covid – 19 cases.

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima said all the returnees are undergoing mandatory testing procedures.

“Mkoba Teachers College has received another 89 returning residents bringing the total in the province to 358. 48 came from South Africa and 41 from Botswana,” said Minister Mavima.

“As results come out, we will start releasing negative cases out of quarantine.”

Minister Mavima urged residents especially those in leadership positions to desist from spreading unsubstantiated claims regarding quarantine areas.

He said the province has adequate food to feed all returnees while in quarantine where there is also sufficient security.

Minister Mavima said this in response to media reports quoting Gweru Urban legislator (MDC- A), Mr Brian Dube saying security lapses within some quarantine centers in the province could have seen many returnees escape from the facilities, in the process exposing other citizens to Covid-19.

“It’s unfortunate that Brian Dube can say such unsubstantiated facts which will cause unnecessary alarm and despondency in the province. The places are well secured with adequate and well-equipped security details who have specific instructions not to allow any of the returnees out of the quarantine areas or to allow any visitors to the facilities,” he said.

“His comments are very unfortunate and he is advised to seek the correct and accurate information from authorities before rushing to the media. We would also invite him to have a good meal at any of the two facilities which is probably much better than what he has at his home.”

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