A night of fear, chaos and panic

Brandon Moyo, Chronicle Reporter
WHEN it started raining on Thursday night, many must have thought that it was normal rainfall but chaos and panic later reigned.

At around 2200 hours, the rain got heavier, floods developed and water found its way into people’s houses, much to their fright. There was fear of the danger that comes when water comes into contact with electrical cables and the worry of losing lives and property.

On Wednesday, the Meteorological Service Department (MSD) warned of flash floods in the upcoming days as the country is expected to receive torrential rains. Areas in the southern parts of the country — which cover Bulawayo, Masvingo, Midlands, Matabeleland North and South are expected to receive up to 65 millimeters of rain within 24 hours, the MSD warned.

In Bulawayo some residents almost counted their losses on Thursday night as nature found its way into their homes.
In Nkulumane suburb, Greater Dube said water made its way into the house and they ended up tripping their electricity breakers.

Mrs Greater Dube of Nkulumane Suburb

“We managed to move some of our stuff, but I could not move some of the things like wardrobes because you will have to empty it first and remove everything inside,” she said.

In the nearby suburb of Tshabalala suburb, one resident who refused to be named said she ended up leaving the house at night after her verandah was flooded but fortunately the water did not make its way into the main house.

“It was about to enter the house so I had to leave and I only came back in the morning. The two rooms in the front were the ones which were almost affected but fortunately everything was a bit high from the ground,” she said.

Tinofa Chimunyu from Cowdray park

Tinofa Chimunyu of Cowdray Park suburb is afraid of contracting diseases as the heavy rains left their yards flooded, forcing their Blair toilets to end up leaking.

“As you can see, we cannot even move properly in the yard, our walls are close to cracking and even on our Blair toilets, water is foaming underneath so hey, we are in trouble, we do not know what to do. Yesterday’s (Thursday) rain was too much,” said Chimunyu.

He added that every time it rains heavily, they face the same problems.

Another Cowdray Park suburb resident, Plaxedes Utete said they woke up mopping the house and she was even afraid of making her way out of her bedroom due to the amount of water that was in her living room.

This season is expected to have normal to above-normal rains and authorities have urged members of the public against crossing flooded rivers either on foot or in vehicles.

The MSD also warned of blown off rooftops and fallen trees owing to strong winds adding that open drains and potholes could be covered in water. They also urged the public to stay indoors during thunderstorms unless there were emergency situations. –@brandon_malvin

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