Africans should tell their own story: Minister Mutsvangwa

16 Aug, 2022 - 00:08 0 Views
Africans should tell their own story:  Minister Mutsvangwa Minister Monica Mutsvangwa

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AFRICANS have a duty to tell their own story as excluding themselves from own narrative and letting others do this will lead to distorted history by naysayers, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said.

Ghanaian blogger Mr Kobina Ackon

She was speaking after meeting Ghanaian blogger Mr Kobina Ackon, popularly known as Wode Maya who was paying a farewell courtesy call at her offices. He has been in Zimbabwe since last month.

Minister Mutsvangwa said the visit was special coming at a time Zimbabweans are enjoying major transformations being brought by the Second Republic.

“We have to talk about ourselves.

When we don’t involve ourselves in talking about issues that affect ourselves nobody else will ever do it.

You will be travelling across the country to understand Zimbabwe better and put across the right messages and narratives about the country to Africans and those in the diaspora,” she said.

Minister Mutsvangwa said Wode Maya had travelled throughout the country during his three weeks stay and visited many places including Victoria Falls.


“We have read and seen a lot of what you put on YouTube and many other social platforms and have seen positive news about Africa, messages which bring Africa together.

That shows the unity and maturity among African countries because it went peacefully, with that kind of unity we can only see Africa developing.”

Minister Mutsvangwa said Zimbabwe has been working hard to pull itself up despite the illegal sanctions which were imposed by the Western countries meant to tremble the economy.

She however, saluted Wode Maya for respecting the country’s leadership and Government protocols saying several other bloggers would just come into the country without notice in foiled attempts to soil the country’s image.

The Pan-Africanist and blogger said sharing Zimbabwe’s success story will bring more investment and visits.

“Before I came to Zimbabwe I read a lot about this country which was negative, like there are no roads. To my surprise when I arrived I saw a different Zimbabwe. Everywhere I went there are nice roads.

“It’s time Zimbabweans travel to other countries and see what is in other countries and realise that Zimbabwe is beautiful. I am here to promote Zimbabwe in a positive light and celebrate Zimbabweans that are doing great things in their own way to change the narrative of the country.

“We have our unsung heroes in Africa but the international media outlets are not talking about that,” he said.

Wode Maya asked for Zimbabweans to share their stories in a conversational way so that they can inspire other Africans. He has now visited 25 African countries including Rwanda and Namibia documenting their stories which have reportedly attracted more visitors and investment in those countries.

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