All eyes on  Professor Mthuli Ncube Professor Mthuli Ncube

Senior  Business Writer

 Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube is this afternoon expected to deliver the 2024 National Budget statement at the National Assembly.

The anticipated budget would be presented under the theme “Consolidating economic transformation”.

Expectations are high that the fiscal plan will consolidate prevailing macro-economic stability, energise infrastructure financing, enhance domestic resilience against shocks while widening social spending to cater for vulnerable groups.

 Workers will be keen on the tax-free threshold.

In a pre-budget interview with ZTN PRIME, Prof Ncube said there is a need to consolidate economic transformation as the country moves towards Vision 2030.

“There is a complete transformation of the economy everywhere and we want to consolidate that transformation by making sure that we add where we need to add, we fine-tune where we need to fine-tune, crowd in the private sector where it is needed, fine-tune our social protection programmes.

“We want to consolidate this transformation so that it takes us to the next level as we move towards Vision 2030.”


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