Angels Primary School embraces continuous improvement and development Angels Primary School ECD pupils at graduation

Flora Fadzai Sibanda, [email protected]

ULULATION and jubilation were the order of the day as parents from Angels Primary School watched their children graduating from the Early Childhood Development class and getting ready for big school.

More than 30 learners wore their first graduation gowns during a ceremony held under the theme, “Building the foundation for a brighter future.”

Speaking at the ceremony, Angels Primary School headmaster Mr Mduduzi Tshuma said the school embraces continuous improvement and development as seen by how their pass rate and enrolment numbers have increased over the past four years since the school was opened.

“Education is one of the key drivers to improvement and development. It helps us to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes so that we’re able to adjust properly in our own environment. Like a seed, our school is evolving from just being an institution that offers education but striving to offer better quality education hence the increase in our maiden pass rate,” said Mr Tshuma.

Angels Primary School pupils with school head Mr Mduduzi Tshuma

He said the aim of the school is to create a broad and balanced education for all the children within a happy, stimulating and healthy environment so that each and every child can achieve their best.

Mr Tshuma said because they have a strong sense of community, the school holds various fundraising activities with the money raised being used to assist the community and some of their learners.

“Our school has a strong tradition of celebrating achievements and encouraging children’s self-esteem. Our assemblies are used to formally celebrate and reward children’s achievements in class and outside of school. Children are also invited to the head’s pep talk to instil a sense of belonging and for following the school’s respect ethos,” said Mr Tshuma.

“Through our pastoral systems, we promote the development of excellent relationships between pupils and the whole staff team. Citizenship is a very important aspect of our school life. The prefects board represents pupil views and meets with the head, deputy head, teacher in charge and senior teachers regularly. The learner’s voice is an important part of school life. Children’s ideas for improving our school are discussed and acted upon.”

Angels Primary School, which is located in Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb believes education is one of the drivers of improvement.

“We’re accepting, supporting and willing to champion all theories that encourage improvement and development. We realise the importance of becoming better every day. We accept that as an institution and people we must grow. Education helps us acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes so that we’re able to adjust properly in our own environment. We’re able to overcome nature and satisfy human wants. The teacher and the taught are linked with the social situation,” said Mr Tshuma.

The school has developed from having 11 classrooms in 2019 to 24 in 2023.

“In a space of four years, we have grown from a school of 18 learners and two teachers to 600 learners and 27 teachers. From five workers to the current 36,” said Mr Tshuma.

The guest speaker Mrs Angelica Moyo said the theme chosen for the graduation was very important as it resonates deeply within the hearts and minds of every parent and teacher at the school because they all yearn for a better future for their children.

“As we focus on building the foundation for a brighter future, let us not forget the importance of compassion and empathy. We need to cultivate a culture of kindness, where we care for one another, uplift and prioritise the collective well-being over individual gain. To our esteemed teachers and parents, thank you for the combined efforts in ensuring that a solid foundation is laid for our children as we embark on this journey of building the foundation for a brighter future,” said Mrs Moyo. – @flora_sibanda

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