Apply the law of love

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Apply the law of love

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YOU need to apply the law of love to cast out negative emotions, negative feelings in people’s bodies. Do you know that some of you take greeting people for granted? Some people have never been greeted, so when you just greet them with a smile they feel loved. Some people are now members of the church just because of that gesture of greeting one another. When you love, no one can resist love.

When someone creates a small circle to shut you out create a bigger circle and shut them in, with love. Love your brother. I want you to make it your mandate to follow people after service to greet them and love them. When someone comes into your house, welcome them with a hospitable loving hug, and say, “how are you?” Hug them and say, “i love you so much.” Love casts out demons and ungodly emotions from people.

If a person comes to your house with intentions of killing you and when they open the door and as they come in you hug them and say, “how are you brother i love you with the love of christ, you are so important in my life,” they will probably never kill you. They will soften up and it will enter into their spirit and they will change their minds. Instead of pulling out a gun they will pull out something else to bless you.

Never hold a grudge against any man; be at peace with all men because that is what the bible commands. For without it (holiness) no one shall see god.
Love your neighbor as you love yourselves.

Do not just greet people who know you; greet those who do not know you as well, for if you greet only those you know, what better will you have done than a heathen. Greet those that run away from you. If they even try to run in the opposite direction follow and meet up with them outside and hug them and block them with love.

You overcome feelings by applying another feeling. Feelings deal with feelings; feelings versus feelings equals deliverance. There are some feelings which the man of god does not need to lay hands on you for, they just need love. We have a core value in eagle life assembly to be a caring and loving church to a hurting world.
God Bless…
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