Arm of colonialists getting more active Mr Nelson Chamisa

THE mad season is upon us where the country’s detractors enter into all sorts of alliances with willing vessels in an attempt to effect illegal regime change.

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)

Even the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has been ordered by their masters to set up structures, something they have been resisting since their formation early this year. 

While they have forwarded the “infiltration” conspiracy theory as reasons for not forming structures since their break away from MDC-T, sources within the party say Mr Nelson Chamisa is uneasy around his lieutenants Mr Tendai Biti and Professor Welshman Ncube.

Fearing that getting rid of the two before elections could cause ructions within the party and more so with the Western purse holders who seem to favour Mr Biti, Mr Chamisa’s strategy, before the instruction, was to delay the holding of the party’s congress until after the 2023 elections. 

That way, sources say, the effects of eliminating his two lieutenants would not affect Mr Chamisa in the polls.

But the masters have spoken. Mr Chamisa now has to form structures. 

This perhaps is the clearest signal that proverbial bitch is in heat, Zimbabwe’s detractors are once again claws out and seeking to influence the country’s domestic affairs by sponsoring puppets to effect regime change.

This they seek through a coordinated effort between some foreign missions working in concert with the CCC, some non-governmental organisations and certain individuals.

Zanu-PF Second Secretary Cde Kembo Mohadi

The ruling Zanu-PF is however, not blind to these machinations as they have been tried before and all in vain hence the recent warning by party second secretary Cde Kembo Mohadi for Zimbabweans to be wary of the country’s detractors posing as opposition political parties and NGOs using food handouts to confuse people.

Cde Mohadi, who was on a tour of Matabeleland North recently said opposition parties and NGOs were wolves in sheep skin as they dangle food handouts on people yet their motive is to destabilise the country.

He said Zimbabwe should remain a unitary state and encouraged citizens not to vote for “these parties because they are an arm of colonialists”.

“Even the Bible says let’s be wary of false prophets who come in sheep skin when they are foxes.

They come wearing nice clothes of food yet they want to take away your country.

These NGOs bring food so that you go against your own Government.

These boys are foxes, let’s be careful about them,” said Cde Mohadi.

He said the revolutionary Zanu and PF-Zapu parties united to form Zanu-PF in 1987 and no other party can claim to have liberated Zimbabwe.

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