Artistes want President to prioritise them

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Artistes want President to prioritise them Cal_vin

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ARTISTES have called on the  President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa to prioritise the arts and culture sector by appointing an Arts Minister.

Artistes such as Jeys Marabini who provided entertainment at the National Sports Stadium yesterday at the inauguration of President Mnangagwa said they hoped he would come up with policies that foster equal opportunities for all artistes.

“As an artiste, I want the President to help formulate policies on arts and culture that afford all artistes equal opportunities and also help the growth of the sector. We have said in the past that the sector needs a fully fledged Ministry of Arts and Culture,” said Marabini.

Playwright Raisedon Baya said he expects the President to appoint a competent minister of arts calling for the repeal of the Censorship Act.

“As an artist, I hope he surprises us by giving us an arts ministry and a competent minister. I hope through him, we’ll get to launch and execute the national arts policy,” said Baya.

“The Censorship Act should be repealed because it is draconian and has been used mostly to suppress political thought.”

Martin Sibanda of Ndolwane Super Sounds whose song Konke Sizokulungisa is making waves, said economic reform should be President Mnangagwa’s top priority.

“I expect a complete change of leadership system that will put the people of Zimbabwe first.There should be no more corruption, no more tribal or racial discrimination and he should be a democratic President. He has to speed up legislative and economic reforms with fair distribution of resources to all corners of the country. He should implement fully devolution of power and must create jobs especially for our youths,” said Sibanda.

Josh Nyapimbi of Nhimbe Trust while congratulating President Mnangagwa for taking over the reigns, said: “We hope the President will promote the creative industry through capacitating the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe,” said Nyapimbi.

Modelling guru and actress Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda said the key for the arts to grow was for the country to have a strong economy.

“The arts sector can only flourish in a strong economy hence the urgent need to grow the economy. I support the call to have a fully fledged Arts and  Culture ministry,” said Mpofu-Sibanda.

Hip hop musician, Cal Vin said: “I hope the new political dispensation will put in place incentives to attract foreign investors who could include some interested in investing in the arts sector.”

He said it was unfortunate that most corporates were reluctant to invest in the arts sector.

Cal Vin said once those that invest in the arts sector start enjoying the benefits, others will definitely come on board and this will bring about the needed competition.

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