Aspiring Gwanda MP rolls out projects Cde Fisani Moyo

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu – [email protected]

ZANU-PF Gwanda-Tshitaudze constituency candidate, Cde Fisani Moyo, has hit the ground running after rolling out several projects in the area which has been starved of development over the past years under the leadership of the opposition.

On Wednesday, Cde Moyo launched a tree planting project at Mabheka Primary School in Ward 23, Gwanda, where he donated 50 fruit trees to the school. The school will receive 100 more fruit trees. He is set to supply all schools within his constituency with 150 trees each.

This project will help schools to establish orchards which will help them to be self sustaining. His constituency covers areas in urban Gwanda, rural Gwanda and rural Beitbridge.

Cde Moyo also donated 50 bags of cement to Mabheka Primary School to assist towards the construction of a classroom block, a project which he mooted recently.

Other projects that he has initiated include poultry projects for women in five villages, school fees assistance to vulnerable learners, renovation of school infrastructure and construction of classroom blocks at eight schools in his constituency as well as drilling of boreholes. He recently donated three ambulances to the Gwanda Municipality.

Speaking during the launch of the tree planting project, Cde Moyo assured the electorate that he would deliver the development they have long awaited.

“This constituency has been lagging in development because it has been under the opposition. I’m now here to correct that.

First of all, I will ensure that this constituency comes to Zanu-PF as that is the only party which is capable of bringing development. I have already started and more developmental works are yet to come.

“Today I’m handing over 50 trees to Mabheka Primary which will be used to start an orchard. I will also bring two other batches of 50 trees until they total 150. I will do this in all schools in the constituency. Trees are a good source of revenue and if all schools are able to establish orchards then they will become self sustainable. They will sell fruits that will be coming from these trees in order to get income,” he said.

The aspiring Member of Parliament said in the long run, schools can use the income which they will get from the orchards to start other income generating projects. He said schools would be able to develop their own infrastructure and support vulnerable learners.

Cde Moyo said he wants to inculcate a mindset of initiating development among constituents. He said education plays a key role in the development of the nation hence learners in rural areas also need to have access to good education.

Cde Moyo said his development projects were a reflection of the core values of the revolutionary party which is development oriented.

“The state of schools, especially in resettlement areas is a cause for concern. For example here at Mabheka Primary, pupils are learning outside because of limited learning space. As a leader if I have the funds I should invest in such projects. If I don’t have the resources it’s my duty to mobilise resources. I have donated towards building a classroom block but from here I will engage various stakeholders including members of the community so that this block is completed timeously and more are constructed.

I will do this in all areas that are in desperate need of schools,” said the aspiring MP.

He said there is also a need for improved water supply in the constituency, construction of more clinics, road maintenance and improved network coverage among other projects.

Cde Moyo said empowering communities to be self sufficient is one of his main priorities. The aspiring MP said once people are economically empowered, the community develops.

He said Gwanda was endowed with resources such as minerals, which if properly utilised, could change the lives of many families.

Cde Moyo (39) grew up in the Simbumbumbu area in Gwanda. He did his education at Simbumbumbu Primary and Secondary Schools. Growing up in the rural areas was not easy, which gave Cde Moyo the zeal to develop his community. His desire is to leave a legacy which will benefit future generations and inspire the community to be development oriented.

Cde Moyo is the chairman of the Matabeleland South Economic Empowerment Group. He is also the Matabeleland South Zanu-PF Secretary for Transport and Welfare. Cde Moyo is among the renowned businessmen in the mining industry in Gwanda. He is studying mining engineering with the Zimbabwe Open University in a bid to significantly contribute towards development of the mining sector.

His mining business has seen him create employment for over 200 people. —@DubeMatutu

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