Baba Johane’s prophecy being fulfilled

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JOHANE Masowe has embarked on a programme to build churches in the different parts of the country and has also introduced musical instruments to spice up its sermons. Last Sunday, the church opened yet another church in Kezi in Matabeleland South province.
The opening of churches is one of the many developments its founder, Baba Johanne prophesised before his death.
The church now boasts of a number of state-of-the-art buildings throughout the country and its headquarters are in Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo.

The church has moved away from traditional beliefs of worshipping under trees.
The opening of the Kezi Church was deliberately timed to coincide with the birthday celebrations for Baba Johanne.

The church under the leadership of Baba Joshua Matongo who took over the reins from his late brother Bishop Isaac Matongo, continues to expand.

Baba Matongo said before his death, Baba Johane Masowe prophesied that his followers were going to worship in state-of-the-art buildings and his prophecy was being fulfilled.

He said the church has not changed its doctrine but was just fulfilling a prophecy made by their founder years ago.
“Now it’s time to fulfil the prophecy                    made by our founding father, Baba                     Johane.

“This is not us changing the church doctrine but we are bringing to life what Baba Johanne said when he proclaimed that we were going to worship in beautiful buildings,” he said.

Church founder, Johane Masowe was born in Rusape’s Gandanzara village, in Makoni district, in eastern Zimbabwe. He was the second of seven children born to Jack and Efie Masedza.

His parents named him Shoniwa Masedza. The change of his name to Johane Masowe came about through the religious experience that launched him into an itinerant preaching ministry from 1932 until his death in 1973.

Baba Matongo said his church was moving with the times hence it has introduced musical instruments like guitars.

“We are a traditional church, which values cultural norms but as our founding father prophesied years ago, we are moving with the times hence these instruments,” he said.

The church has a following in far away countries such as England, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia and South Africa.
“We are building churches all over the country and outside the country. We encourage people to work and not depend on donations.
“We have built a number of church buildings in the country and this church in Kezi is building number 12,” he said.
Johane Masowe church secretary Morgan Moyo said the church promoted self reliance.

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