Bacoban: A new infection prevention and control against Covid-19

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Bacoban: A new infection prevention and control against Covid-19

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Busisani Sangweni
THE country has experienced an upsurge of Covid-19 cases as the pandemic continues almost . In order to mitigate the Covid-19 onslaught, there is a need for all stakeholders to contribute and make a difference. The private sector has answered appeals to assist in this regard with contributions in cash and kind.

The Mall Route group of companies has heeded the clarion call in infection prevention and control (IPC) in the fight against Covid-19 by bringing to the table a new arsenal in the form of a long residual disinfectant – Bacoban. The new generation bio safe and nanotech formula has proven efficacy against a wide range of pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and an array of viruses including Ebola, HIV, Hepatitis B and C and the deadly SARS Cov-2 virus responsible for Covid-19.

Bacoban is a long lasting disinfectant with a residual period of 10 days on surfaces giving continuous protection.

Bacoban Aerospace product is developed by a German based company which has offices in the UK where Mall Route group is situated. Mall Route is the sole distributor and wholesaler of Bacoban Aerospace products in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The aerospace products we use are widely used in the aviation industry and a number of other non-health care settings such as public transport, hotels and lodges, bars, schools and banking halls. In the health care settings the Nano technology chemical is preferred to chlorine based formulations and hydrogen peroxide.

Bacoban is not harmful to electronic gadgets and once used staff can resume business of the day 30 minutes after fogging.

Product Certification
Bacoban has undergone several challenge tests to confirm its efficacy against a wide variety of microbes.

Statement to confirm virucidal efficacy available from the Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology, Bremen in Germany.

Product evaluation done on several surfaces such as ceramic tiles, walls, furniture, glass, metals, textiles and plastics has found it compatible.

Bacoban has passed the European standard EN 14476, which is done in order to determine virucidal activity for disinfectants.

Backup Support
The Mall Route Group has a team of trained fogging personnel and risk assessment officers to provide a comprehensive service as well as post fogging support in the form of refresher courses where necessary. The service provided is not only streamlined to the commercial sector but domestic fogging is also provided.

As part of post fogging a presentation is compiled on the use of our products and its residual period.

Our target is the high risk areas like institutes of learning, public transport, banking halls and hospitals. The Mall Route Group encourages the nation, individual’s organizations to make it our duty to protect people around us.

Together we can flatten the curve. Stay safe, Sanitise and mask up. Mall Route Facilities Management, Business segments- Exceptional service, Exceptional people.

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