Bang for Buck to help empower viewers

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Bang for Buck to help empower viewers

The Chronicle

Oliver Kazunga, Senior Business Reporter
A FINANCIAL research and media house, Equity Axis, has partnered Old Mutual in launching a television series that equips Zimbabweans with basic knowledge of growing their wealth.

Dubbed Bang for Buck, the programme that is sponsored by Old Mutual explores key themes on investment, saving and unlocking financial systems.

In a statement, Old Mutual said by following Bang for Buck series, viewers would learn how to make the most of their limited incomes and make returns from every dollar.

“The programme, which is sponsored by Old Mutual, will explore key themes on how to invest money, how to preserve income, and how to navigate financial systems and institutions to unlock financial freedom.

“By following the Bang for Buck series, viewers will learn how to make the most of their limited incomes and make every dollar go far,” it said.

To watch the programme’s episodes, viewers have to visit the Equity Axis Youtube channel and follow Old Mutual Zimbabwe for more information about how to invest their money.

Old Mutual said Bang for Buck is a fresh and impactful approach to improving financial inclusion in Zimbabwe by making financial education easily accessible.

Old Mutual believes that financial freedom is not reserved for the few and knowledge about how ordinary people can achieve it should be readily available in a format that is simple to digest.

“The Bang for Buck programme line-up includes an exciting panel of guests and speakers from different financial backgrounds, who will share their financial and wealth-building knowledge with the nation.

“Viewers can expect to learn from financial game changers and experts who are in the public eye as well as hear lesser-known stories from ordinary people who have cracked the code to their financial freedom.

“Each episode will be presented by Eben Mabunda, a business anchor and analyst at Equity Axis,” said Old Mutual.

It said financial freedom entails having the savings, investment and cash on hand to afford the kind of life people desire.

“Bang for Buck will help to empower viewers to see the pieces of their own financial puzzle and to take the necessary first steps to improve their circumstances.

“For many people, knowledge about building wealth and investing seems either mystical or too sophisticated.

“As a result, the majority of Zimbabwe’s population is left out of participating fully in financial activities while the few people who have relevant knowledge benefit.”

It is believed that Bang for Buck would present a robust, informative and lively programme that will seek to address the above imbalance. Anyone with the right information can build generational wealth.

“The future is uncertain and resources are limited. The prospect of retirement, needing medical attention, education needs and family expenses all place demands on the same available income.

“Tune in to Bang for Buck to gain the personal finance knowledge you need to achieve optimum results with your income and tackle the hurdles that life throws — all while maintaining a modest lifestyle,” said Old Mutual. — @okazunga

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