BCC clarifies Roadworks notice Mr Christopher Dube

Online Reporter

The Bulawayo City Council has said while noble, the efforts by the public to patch and repair roads, such should be done above board and involve the local authority.

This seems to be a major climb down after a notice in this week’s Sunday News where Town Clerk Mr Christopher Dube said those who patch potholes on roads without Council permission, risk being imprisoned or fined.

After the first notice, there was a public outcry of which it seems Mr Dube has come out to clarify the notice issued by the local authority.

Below is the full statement issued on the BCC social media outlets.


Further to the Public Awareness Notice under Part II Section 5 of the Roads Act [Chapter 13:18] flighted on the Chronicle of Friday the 26th of May 2023 and Sunday News of 28th May 2023, please be advised as follows:-

The City of Bulawayo has witnessed an increase in road works by various sectors in the city that have gone on without the involvement of the Council’s Roads Department. Some of these works have gone on un-inspected and in some cases been extended outside the prescribed road servitude in the area. The said road works have in most cases caused unnecessary distress to the motoring public, without prior warning, and in some instances impeded other services within the servitude. Some drain works have been constructed and are now leading water into other peoples’ properties.

Council would like to re-iterate that any road works to be implemented on the City’s road network have to be approved, checked and inspected by the Roads Engineers. In turn all relevant stakeholders to a section of road being fixed, are to be informed and the necessary Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) regulations adhered to. Public media adverts and/ or road detours should then be flighted/constructed to cause minimum disturbance to the motoring public and the abutting community. Furthermore, the Roads Engineers monitor the works and ensure adherence to prescribed standards and ensure that road servitudes are preserved.

In liaison with local Councillors, members of the community continue to request gravel and pledge to spread it once it has been delivered. Council continues supplying the gravel for pothole patching. The City of Bulawayo appreciates the efforts made by some residents on this noble gesture and will continue supporting all such initiatives, which have been authorised.”

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