BCC renews lease for Wolley Dog Mine Bulawayo City Council

Chronicle Writer

THE Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has given the green light for the renewal of the lease for Wolley Dog Mine. The decision, officially confirmed by the Council following a recommendation from the Finance and Development Committee on July 25, 2023, grants Mr Ismail Moosa Lunat, the mine’s director, an extension of 25 years for the lease.

Originally, the lease for the 7, 5-hectare mine, was granted for five years with provisions for review when it was signed on June 15, 2018. The lease was set to expire on 15 June 2023. Mr Lunat’s application for renewal underwent extensive assessments and consultations within BCC.

The key details of this process include:

The Town Planning Department (Spatial Planning Branch) had no spatial planning objections to the renewal, contingent upon adherence to the lease’s terms and conditions. However, the Financial Department highlighted an outstanding debt of ZWS 771,754.31 owed by Mr Lunat to the Council as of June 8, 2023. The recommendation was that this debt needed to be settled before considering lease renewal.

The Director of Health Services raised no objections.

The Town Planning Department (Valuation & Estates Branch) proposed specific terms for the renewed lease, including a monthly rental of US$150 (subject to periodic review), an annual recognition fee of US$500 (subject to review), and a 5 percent royalty based on mineral sales to reputable purchasers.

The renewal was recommended for five years, subject to review, in accordance with the Urban Councils Act, Chapter 29:15, Section 152 (5).

The Finance and Development Committee ultimately approved the lease renewal, subject to the stipulation that all outstanding arrears be settled before the new lease is signed.

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