Being Braydan …Bulawayo boy to redefine local TV with reality show

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Being Braydan  …Bulawayo boy to redefine local TV with reality show Braydan Heart reality show

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Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter

UP-AND-COMING Bulawayo film-maker Braydan Heart wants to redefine local TV productions with his upcoming Being Braydan TV reality show which is being recorded using a mobile phone.

Similar to Bonang’s Being Bonang and Living The Dream With Somizi, Being Braydan, which is being shot in Zimbabwe with some scenes in South Africa, will give viewers an insight into Braydan’s lifestyle and capture his day-to-day activities.

The 25-year-old, a former Petra High School pupil who has a film-making degree from a film school in Cape Town, said he wants to change the TV production game in Zimbabwe as well as bring people into his life with his show. 

Over the years, he said, there has been a negative perception towards local TV productions as they have been said to be of poor quality and boring.

“There’s such a negative narrative on local productions. Everything about the things we watch on TV is painted terribly. With this upcoming reality show, I want to bring a different narrative and change the way people view our productions.

“It won’t end with Being Braydan as I want to do that with all my future productions,” said Braydan.

Giving a glimpse of the show, Braydan said other than being about him, it is also a platform to showcase local tourism destinations as well as promote other youths. 

“Besides experiencing the drama, the mess, lifestyle of Braydan and his ‘very extra’ friends John and Linscah, this show is also a platform that will profile other young people who’re doing incredible things. 

“It’s also a platform to profile different destinations and spaces in Bulawayo and Zimbabwe as a whole.” 

Filmed by Braydan’s Post-Production Studio, the filmmaker said this show’s production heavily relies on his mobile phone and social media accounts. As such, Braydan urged fellow youngsters to emulate him and use technology to do positive things.

“With this show, we’re using the same gadget we all use to go on social media — mobile phone — to film. We are actually using the same things everyone has access to for a good cause instead of fighting on social media.

“With this show, I’ve come to appreciate that you don’t need to have a major studio or a lot of equipment to chase your dreams. 

“Just because you don’t have a big budget doesn’t mean you cannot be a designer, or artist etc. Use the little you have to get yourself closer to what you want,” said Braydan.

He added: “I think people should watch the show not just because of entertainment but because it might just inspire them to stop giving excuses.”

Braydan also hopes the reality show will open doors for his production company.

“I hope the quality of this production will expose my film crew’s skills as well as my startup Post-Production Studio based in Bulawayo.”

The premiere date of the show, he said, will be announced at the show’s launch as the production crew is still finalising on the platform the reality show will air.

“We’re still working on the final arrangements on where to air the show as we’re still in talks with some broadcasters. We’re also organising a premiere launch party whose date we will also announce soon,” he said.

Braydan will be the first Zimbabwean to have a lifestyle reality show beating the likes of socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure who have been threatening to have their own. 

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