Beitbridge rolls out capital projects Loud Ramakgapola

Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge Bureau

BEITBRIDGE Municipality has started implementing a number of capital projects meant to change the face of the border town.

Town Clerk Mr Loud Ramakgapola said that they were asking businesses to complement the work of council by sprucing up their buildings.

He said the town has been growing rapidly in the last decade and as such council was upgrading the infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing town.

“We are working on pavements in the Central Business District among other projects meant to change the face of our town,” he said.

Mr Ramakgapola said efforts were being made to make the border town an investment destination of choice.

“We are strategically located to attract a lot of investment,” he said.

Beitbridge Town was elevated into a municipality on 9 March last year as part of the Government’s thrust to accelerate development of the country’s busiest port of entry. The town has an estimated population of 70 000 people and a daily transient population of 15 000 people.

Initially the town had only one suburb, Dulivhadzimu but now has 12 suburbs including Matibe (low density formerly Eastlea), Tshidixwa (old medium density near OJs business Centre), Stauze (Mashavire, Garikai, Two Rooms and Mangavha areas), Khwalu 1 (Shule-shule and SDP stands), Kwalu 2 (Mfelandawonye and Forit stands), Mabidi (medium density west of White Lodge) and Vhembe View (old low density and CBD area).

Other suburbs are Madinginye high and medium density west of Welton Primary School), Siyoka low density stands along Bulawayo Road, Limpopo View west of border post, Dulivhadzimo and Milayo industrial areas (Industrial area north of old medium density suburb).

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