Bev Sibanda in strip joint ‘fracas’

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Bev Sibanda in strip joint ‘fracas’ Bev Sibanda

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent 

A FEMALE dancer at a Bulawayo strip joint Private Lounge was allegedly thrown from the third floor of the nightspot by Queen of Zimbabwe erotica Beverly Sibanda in a cat-fight that went awry.

Chronicle offices were inundated with calls from people saying that Bev had seriously injured the woman and social media was awash with different versions of what had happened.

Bev was in Bulawayo to perform at Club 263 and was accommodated at the Private Lounge.

Messages circulating on social media alleged that Bev and the dancer had a tiff upstairs in one of the rooms after the dancer allegedly called Bev a prostitute. Thereafter in a fit of rage, Bev reportedly pushed the dancer off the balcony of one of the rooms and she landed in the garden. 

Workers at the joint rushed the injured dancer to hospital in a pick-up truck.

When contacted for comment Bev denied that she was involved in the fracas.

“How can I throw a girl from a balcony when her door was locked. It doesn’t make sense! I heard the story. If I had thrown someone off the balcony like that, I should be in police custody and I wouldn’t have performed. The person should be in hospital,” said Bev.

According to Bev she had a heated exchange with some male patrons at Private Lounge garden who were hurling insults at dancers calling them prostitutes. “There was a group of men in the garden who were saying the strippers are prostitutes. I started defending the dancers saying they shouldn’t do that. When they saw it was me, they apologised,” said Bev.

She said reports that she threw someone off the balcony were designed to tarnish her image before directing further questions to Private Lounge manager, Ms Thelma Zuva.

Ms Zuva said there was no person thrown from the third-floor balcony, but there was dancer who jumped from the first floor. 

“Bev and the girl didn’t have any physical contact. Even the dancer is fine and she is back at work. She wasn’t thrown from the third floor. She actually jumped from the first floor during an altercation with her peers. The first floor isn’t that high from one of the rooms,” said Ms Zuva.

 She said the reason that Bev is coming into the picture is that she was staying on the same floor with the dancers. 

Ms Zuva said she suspects that the men who were reprimanded by Bev were the ones who were spreading the news that she threw a person off the third-floor balcony.

Asked the whereabouts of the dancer, conveniently Ms Zuva said the dancer was by her side. 

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