Beverly Sibanda is hot property!

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Beverly Sibanda is hot property!

The Chronicle

The 21-year-old Sibanda, who is popularly known as Bev, has been the most sought-after raunchy dance girl in the country in recent months. Her dance group Sexy Angels has also ridden on the wave as they perform from Tuesday to Sunday at different nightspots in Harare, only resting on Mondays.

Bev is a hit with male revellers who enjoy being teased night after night with sexually charged dance moves that leave little to the imagination.

People know Bev as the Viceroy girl or the bottle girl, and her dance act which has her in a split position, sitting on an empty beer bottle as it “enters” the body. While the bottle is “inside” her Bev performs an up-down motion that some have described as tantamount to live pornography. This is what she is famous for.

Bev and the Sexy Angels invaded Bulawayo last night at the Basement and will today perform in Gwanda at Riverdance Night Club. When news of her show in the city hit the streets many women were not impressed and questioned, out of envy, what the hype was all about. However, when men heard about the show they said they would find numerous excuses to tell their wives so that they go to the show as they could not miss it. They said Bev was more than welcome to come and perform in Bulawayo as many times as she wanted.

Saturday Leisure spoke to Bev this week and the Harare-born pole dancer said she had taken a break from swinging from the pole because she once fell.

She said dancing was natural to her as it was a form of employment.

“Dancing is a form of employment and my family is very supportive of it. I once fell from the pole in one of my shows so I have stopped doing pole dancing,” said Bev. “We do not choose, we can dance to Ragga, museve, old school and R’n’B.”

She said she gets her inspiration to dance from God and she does not drink when on the job.

“I am sober when I am dancing with the girls and I only enjoy the finer things like Amarula when I am at home. The talent for dancing is from God. I only take energy drinks to keep me going, if there is none, I just perform like that,” said Bev.

She said so popular was her group, Sexy Angels that they were sometimes booked for double shows during the week and only rest on Mondays.

“The only day I get to rest is Monday because from Tuesday until Sunday we have shows. Sometimes we are booked for double shows daily. This is because we are good at what we do and we are in demand,” said Bev.

Sexy Angels was formed in August last year when the skilled dancers decided to come together and move from their groups.

“We saw that we could do a lot together as dancers when we met in dancing circles. We then decided to form Sexy Angels in August last year and we have worked our way to the top,” said Bev.

Bev is mother to one Kudzai, whom she describes as a bundle of joy.

She said what surprises her about Kudzai was that he does not call her mom but Beverly.

“My child is a character because he calls me Bev and my sister mommy. This is an aspect of his character that I love. I will throw a huge birthday party for him in November when he turns four,” said Bev.

Kudzai was born on 4 November 2008 and lives with his father.

She said after five years she would venture into singing and would continue dancing.

Bev attended Selborne Routledge School before enrolling at Zengeza 2 High and then Charles Clerk for her Ordinary Level studies.

Sexy Angels has three other group members, Mercy Mukumire, Chantel Dlamini and Brenda Cocoa.

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