Binga film premieres in Zambia

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Binga film premieres in Zambia

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Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter

A Tonga feature film, Mwenzule Uupya, produced in Binga has scored a first by premiering in Zambia. 

The film directed by Kalulu Mumpande of Digital Moments Creative Arts production house was showcased at the Satombe Documentary International Film and Arts Festival in Kitwe, Zambia last week. 

Mwenzule Uupya which means burning shelter, was produced last year on a zero budget. The film features local actors from Binga and Mapuleng Modise from Lesotho. A teacher Bryan Sibanda and Leslie Ndlovu wrote the script.

Mumpande said the film premiering in Zambia was a rare opportunity for them to break into the international scene.

“Mwenzule Uupya made it to the Satombe Documentary International Film and Arts Festival in Zambia and I feel humbled by the fact that the feature film was the first Tonga act to be showcased on the international platform,” said Mumpande.

He said the festival organisers were looking for films that advocate for social change and they selected Mwenzule Uupya, which addresses social ills faced by a rural girl child.

Mumpande said the film was inspired by the need to make sure the world is a better place for everyone, especially at a time when the social web is breaking due to loss of values compounded by several factors, digital media included. 

“The film seeks to nurture and guide youths by creating a society based on values. The law has addressed some of the issues through various legislative pieces such as Child Protection Act but more effort is still needed to address the root cause which is what we are trying to do through film to alert the society about wolves that prey on the girl child,” highlighted Mumpande.

He appealed to the corporate world to support the film industry and also called for creation of a channel for local content.

Other films by Mumpande are Lyamwena Gonta, Malweza and Nteme Zyasinzala which was funded by Government under the ZimDigital Migration project. – @ncubeleon

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