Blitzkrieg them and good bye, periphery

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Blitzkrieg them and good bye, periphery Intwasa/Pfumvudza mode of farming

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Stephen Mpofu, Perspective
DO consider (yes, you) some of the current sordid economic and political happenings around us and you are wont to picture an image of Zimbabwe in post-modernity as resembling a house where snakes, rates, flies, ants and mosquitoes co-mingle in a helter-skelter of survival of the fittest.

But we must all thank God for His grace as manifested in the current incumbent governing team with the indefatigable ED as its chief whip, the demonic situation pictured above in this discourse is not likely to become a reality in reversing the gains of our independence and freedom for which gallant sons and daughters of the soil shed their precious blood.

To begin with, inverted patriots engaged in catch-me-if-you-will illicit financial deals for their filthy individual or corporate enrichment are the kind of economic saboteurs who should be shoved in the shade without any further ado to languish in that obscurity in hopes of reforming them.

Those get-rich-quick maggots are responsible for the parallel market chaos with negative repercussions on commodity prices and further impingement on the ease of doing business by ordinary people short of the currency needed to drive economic growth.

Nothing short of removing weeds from the genuine crops of business operatives will instill the fear of God to stop potential economic saboteurs in their tracks and so our law courts must read the Riot Act in order to restore sanity in the country’s financial sector.

Then there are those political snakes hell-bent on slithering their way to power who call on their masters, foreign imperialists powers, to impose, or re-inforce existing illegal Western economic embargo to remove Zanu-PF from power so that they, the imperialist stooges, may move in to rule as surrogates of foreign imperialists.

Zimbabweans who value the independence and freedom brought about by the armed revolution have a duty to support the Second Republic they put in power so that our country may remain unstoppable in its quest for political, social and economic empowerment which alone will guarantee a brand new future for generations to come.

Only our own people, and not any other nations in the global village, are primarily responsible for our own economic empowerment, for instance, as witnessed by the Government’s laudable programmes in this regard and with individuals like the First Lady, Mrs Auxillia Mnangagwa, playing a pivotal role in the empowerment of the girl child, in particular, as a socialisation mentor par excellence.

Now, also, a new movement, Action Empowerment  Zimbabwe (AEZ),  has weighed in with a broader and more inclusive programme to empower Zimbabweans throughout Zimbabwe  and in the process tearing up the

“pejorative” tab pinned  to the countryside as the backyard of the cities from which the whites dwelt and ruled their colonised people.

With the Government empowering young farmers countrywide and with their telling agricultural results already making this country proud, this communicologist believes there is no longer any need to lure back here, white commercial farmers who left the country in a huff, in protest at the land reform programme,  as we Zimbabwean masses have proved that we  are masters of our own, witness the breadbasket status by peasants which this country boasted at independence in Southern Africa  and elsewhere on the continent and is likely to be replicated given bountiful  rainy seasons such  the one just gone by.

What needs to be emphasised with the Intwasa/Pfumvudza food production method now in practice widely is that with small grains such as uphoko/rukweza; inyawuthi/mhunga; amabele/mapfunde should be cultivated with the same zeal as in maize which sailors seeking a sea route to India introduced from South America to Africa, including Zimbabwe, with the result that its commercial value reduced the drought resistant and nutritious small grains to virtual obscurity in most parts of the country and elsewhere in Africa.

In conclusion, successes in everything positive said above in this discourse can and should be under-pinned by love of the motherland which calls for peace, national unity and unmitigated patriotism by all of us.

To that end community radio stations being set up by the Government across the country for the majority population out there to keep abreast of government policies political and economic should give impetus to the oneness of our people moving into unchartered waters, alias the future.

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