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Bob was in it, God wasn’t

04 Aug, 2018 - 00:08 0 Views
Bob was in it, God wasn’t Mr R. Mugabe

The Chronicle

Mr R. Mugabe

Mr R. Mugabe

Nduduzo Tshuma, Political Editor
IN the run-up to Monday’s harmonised elections, the MDC Alliance ran with the catch line “God Is in It” in what was, in their minds, an assumption that since God was supporting their aspirations, they would emerge victorious at the polls.

Interestingly, on the eve of the elections, former President Mr Robert Mugabe who resigned as Head of state last November held a press conference at which he endorsed the candidacy of MDC Alliance candidate Mr Nelson Chamisa.

The endorsement confirmed earlier reports that the MDC Alliance had got into bed with Mr Mugabe and his wife Grace on the assumption that the former Zimbabwean leader was still popular and would influence the outcome of the polls.

Mr Mugabe popularly known as Bob also used the press conference to try and gain sympathy from representatives of foreign media organisations in the country for the elections by claiming that he was “removed” from power.

Yesterday morning however, the Mugabe/Chamisa strategy came crashing down when President Mnangagwa was declared the winner of the presidential elections.

President Mnangagwa’s victory came at the back of a crushing Zanu-PF victory in Parliament where the ruling party won more than two thirds majority.

The results dampened the spirits of the MDC Alliance as they came to terms with the painful reality that while Bob was or is in their project, God wasn’t in it as proved by their performance in the polls.

Zimbabweans refused to vote Mr Mugabe through the back door obviously with fresh memories of how his wife Grace and the G40 cabal, had before November last year, captured the arms of the state with the former President surrendering his powers to his spouse.

The people remembered how the G40 cabalists facing criminal charges were “acquitted” at rallies and outside the confines of the court systems all against what is provided for by the law.

The widespread celebrations after Mr Mugabe’s resignation were clear testimony that the people were tired of him and the results of the Parliamentary elections served to confirm that fact.

It came as no surprise therefore when the MDC Alliance in panic, started casting aspersions on the electoral process way before July 30, the day of the holding of the polls and continued to do so after the Zec started announcing the results.

The allegations, without presenting evidence, were that Zec was delaying in announcing Presidential results in order to “rig” elections against Mr Chamisa.

Both Mr Chamisa and his spokesperson Dr Nkululeko Sibanda took to Twitter on Wednesday morning saying they were ready to “defend” their votes before Zec announced the results of the elections.

The MDC Alliance went a step further inciting its members to take to the streets in what turned out to be a violent exercise that saw the destruction of property and also resulting, unfortunately, in the loss of lives.

The party and Mr Chamisa denied involvement in the violent demonstrations despite the fact that before marching to the Harare International Conference Centre, the MDC Alliance activists first gathered outside the Morgan Tsvangirai House, the national headquarters of Mr Chamisa’s party.

In a show of maturity that has been characteristic of his behaviour from the time he was attacked by the G40 cabal before Mr Mugabe’s resignation to now, President Mnangagwa reiterated his calls for peace and unity in the country.

He also commiserated with the families of the victims of the violence incited by the MDC Alliance through their unsanctioned demonstrations.

“I wish to extend my sincere condolences to the families of the victims of yesterday’s violence. All human life is sacred, and their deaths are a tragedy, irrespective of the circumstances. I would like to also wish a speedy recovery to all those injured in yesterday’s events.

“They, alongside the families of the victims, are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. The most important thing for us now is to move beyond yesterday’s tragic events, and to move forward, together. I am therefore calling for an independent investigation into what occurred in Harare yesterday.

We believe in transparency and accountability, and those responsible should be identified and brought to justice,” said President Mnangagwa.

“It is also more important than ever that we are united, and commit to settling our differences peacefully and respectfully, and within the confines of the law. We have been in communication with Nelson Chamisa to discuss how to immediately diffuse the situation, and we must maintain this dialogue in order to protect the peace we hold dear. Together, we must lead by example and show all Zimbabweans that peace is paramount. This land is home to all of us, and we will sink or swim together.”

After the announcement of the Presidential results, Mr Chamisa, expectedly, addressed a press conference in Harare yesterday dismissing President Mnangagwa’s victory.

He went on to claim that he has evidence to prove the “electoral” fraud committed by ZEC which he initially said he would offer journalists after the presser but changed mid way saying he did not want to expose his “strategy” to challenge the outcome of the polls.

However, many would remember how Mr Chamisa is capable of telling mistruths with a straight face.

This is the man, who in the run up to the elections, claimed, with a straight face that United States President Donald Trump had offered to inject $15 billion into Zimbabwe should the MDC Alliance emerge victorious.

The US was quick to dismiss Mr Chamisa’s lies but he was not deterred as he went on to falsely claim that he had crafted the Information Communication Technology policy for Rwanda and again was embarrassed by the country’s President Paul Kagame who called Mr Chamisa out for lying.

There are many other instances that Mr Chamisa has lied to Zimbabwe and that one doesn’t need a special brain to tell that his poll claims add to that list of falsehoods.

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