Bodybuilding and fitness Judges course completed

27 Sep, 2022 - 13:09 0 Views
Bodybuilding and fitness Judges course completed

The Chronicle

Brandon Moyo, Sports Reporter

NATIONAL Federation of Zimbabwe Body Building and Fitness (NFZBBF) organised a judges training course which was held in Harare over the weekend.

The facilitators of the course were from South Africa, with trainees from all over the country and some from Zambia and Rwanda. There were 20 participants in total, 18 from Zimbabwe and one Zambian and Rwandese internationals.

The course was the first to be held locally and most of the country’s experienced judges were joined by a new crop throughout the training.

At the end of the course, the attendants wrote an exam and those who pass will be awarded certificates as proof that they really attended the training event. The certificates will be awarded as soon as the facilitators finish marking.

National Development Secretary for NFZBBF, Keith Chirimanzi told Chronicle Sport that the judges will also be trialed for at least three shows to gain points.

“They will then trial judges for at least three shows and gain points from those practicals,” said Chirimanzi.

The experience of a judge, however determines the level of bodybuilding event they can judge.

“Currently locally we don’t have international judges although we have many potentials that’s why we embarked on this course so that we have trial judges, provincial, national, international and elite pro judges which is the normal judges’ progression,” Chirimanzi said.

The next body building event is the Marume Classic which will be held at the Zimbabwe College of Music in Harare on October 1 and will be having six categories, Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Junior Men’s Bodybuilding (Under 23), Men’s Physique (179cm and above), Men’s Physique ( below 179cm), Men’s Fitness Open and Women’s Bikini Open.

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