Booze wars: SA drunk over alcohol restriction during lockdown

27 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
Booze wars: SA drunk over alcohol restriction during lockdown

The Chronicle

The ban on the sale of alcohol during the 21-day lockdown which began at midnight yesterday in South Africa has been met with mixed reactions.

“For 21 days, please stay sober. . . There shall be no movement of liquor from point A to B,” said police minister Bheki Cele emphasising that no selling of alcohol will be allowed at bottle stores, while bars, taverns and shisanyamas will be shut throughout the 21 days.

“If we find liquor in your car’s boot, that is illegal. If you break these laws, you are six months in jail or fined.”

He also said pet owners must walk their dogs on their premises.

“There shall be no dogs that shall be walked. The cluster met and we agreed that it doesn’t enhance the call made by the president (Cyril Ramaphosa).

“If you want to walk your dog around the house, it ends there. It can’t go beyond that.”

On social media, many were up in arms about the strict measures regarding alcohol, saying drinking was the only thing that would keep them “sane” during these “trying times”.

Others supported the ban which will see people being arrested if found with alcohol in public – even if sealed – during the lockdown. – TimesLive.

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