Boredom during lockdown isn’t an option. . . Pokello revives Sunday confessions Pokello

Showbiz Reporter
Following the recent tightening of the lockdown measures which saw bars and all entertainment activities being suspended once again, socialite Pokello Nare has decided to ensure people do not get bored by reviving her Sunday Confessions programme.

People are, as a result of stricter lockdown regulations, spending more hours at home and as such are resorting to social media platforms for entertainment.

There is therefore high demand for content on those platforms.

Pokello’s no-holds- barred Sunday Confessions conducted on her Instagram page were a hit last year.

The former Big Brother Africa housemate who has more than half-a-million followers from different countries, requests people to send their confessions which she then shares, but anonymously, to protect the identity of the senders.

This initiative, which started out of boredom as a way of communicating with people during the lockdown, was an instant hit again when it was reintroduced this past Sunday following a three-month hiatus. For this Sunday’s edition, people were requested to send their festive sins and they gladly did so while others simply logged in to read the confessions.

“It’s been three months since your last confession, tell us how bad you’ve been,” teased Pokello as she encouraged people to share their confessions.

And boy, did the followers deliver. As expected, most of the confessions were about relationships.

“My boyfriend humiliated me so I had to revenge. I anonymously called his mother telling her that his son had died,” shared one user.

“She cheated on me so I stole her passport. Now, she can’t travel back to Angola.”

Some of the confessions were a bit extreme such as this one.

“I suspected that my friend was HIV-positive so I tested her when she was drunk. She is.” Pokello responded by quizzing: “Ah sis, why are you so pressed about her HIV status as if she is your sexual partner.”

“So I broke up with my blesser boyfriend of two years because his wife paid me to stay away,” confessed another. In true Pokello style, she responded saying: “Maybe you need to hit her up in a month and tell her the money is done so you might have to go back to him.”

The confessions vary and most are quite hilarious while some are unsettling. Some are very concerning as they show that people are in actual need of professional help as they have issues that run deep.

“I’m having plans of joining cultism if I get any chance to make money. I know very well that it’s bad but I’ve suffered enough,” wrote one to which Pokello responded by saying this one was beyond her. Either way, the astonishing confessions make for good reading and will surely help people overcome the lockdown boredom.

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