Boxing board hopes to get positive response at ZITF Adelaide Gumbo

Innocent Kurira, [email protected]

PROVINCIAL co-ordinator for the Zimbabwe National Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (ZNBWCB), Adelaide Gumbo says they are anticipating a positive response at this year’s Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

Gumbo said they are excited to be pitching up a stand at the Fair after enjoying success in the last two years they have done so.

Other sport codes that have put up displays at the trade showcase in the past are table tennis and taekwondo.

With some stands still doing touch ups perhaps more codes will be exhibiting at this year’s exhibition.

“We are here to market the boxing and control board. We want to market ourself through talking and engaging with people and various stakeholders in various sectors. We want to pitch some of the ideas which we have and then maybe get some from our visitors on how we can improve,” said Gumbo.

She added: “Last year was a learning curve so we have tried to improve working with a number of partners to make sure we are able to deliver quality service to our stakeholders.”

ZNBWCB is exhibiting at the trade expo for the third-year running.

In this year’s edition of the Fair, the association has a number of programmes in place which they are looking to feature.

One of the programmes is capacity development which they will be rolling out so that they improve their sport.

The key aspect they have discovered is that the majority of people want to participate in combat sports for purposes of fitness.

Meanwhile, there are various sporting events lined up for the last day of the Fair, which is Saturday.

As has become the norm over the years, the ZITF Coca-Cola Four Minute Mile Challenge final and the Ingwebu Tug of War Championships will be part of the main attractions.

Over the years, Coca-Cola and its bottling partners in Zimbabwe, Delta Beverages have committed themselves to sponsoring the Four Minute Mile event which draws some of the top runners in the country while Ingwebu has also been loyal to sponsoring Tug of War.

The Four Minute Mile final takes place at the Zimbabwe International Trade Centre grounds before the tug-of- war national finals later in the day.

The Coca-Cola Four-Minute Mile Challenge is an annual men’s competition with a pre-requisite time of four minutes and 31 seconds for one to qualify for the final.


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