Braydan Heart hopeful ahead of RoilBAA

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Braydan Heart hopeful ahead of RoilBAA Braydan Heart

The Chronicle

Millicent Dube, Showbiz Reporter

Braydan Heart’s features can certainly steal any woman’s heart hence its not surprising that he has been nominated for the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards in the Outstanding Film/TV Actor category.

The Being Braydan reality TV personality, however, has to topple Tawanda Denga (The Single), Aleck Zulu (Amacala) and Calvin Madula (Veza-The Unfolding) for the award.

“This all started as a dream, getting small gigs here and there to make appearances. Being nominated marks a reminder of where I started and the sacrifices I had to make in order to sit where I am now,” said Braydan.

The multi-award winning filmmaker proved that he could do more than what people expect when he produced Being Braydan. 

The show that is centred on his lifestyle and that of his friends became one of his most successful endeavours in the television business.

While commenting on the RoilBAA nomination, Braydan took the opportunity to lament the state of affairs of the local film and TV industry.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll confidently say it once more that there’s a negative narrative on local productions. Everything about the things we watch on TV is painted terribly. This is why I took it upon myself to produce a show that brings out a different narrative.

“I gladly did so and will continue to do so. My nomination for the RoilBAAs is confirmation that I took the best decision and my hard work is paying off,” he said.

 Braydan is a filmmaker, producer, actor, fashion police and entrepreneur. In the last three years, he produced Being Braydan and his latest production is TV series, Soulmates which is airing on ZTN Prime. The series has taken viewers on a different rollercoaster of drama, emotions and chaos.

“I owed myself this kind of life and I didn’t stop at anything before I got what I wanted. Growth is what I water every day and the urge to become better than what I was yesterday keeps me going.

“I’m super grateful to the people of Bulawayo for their support and for recognising my potential,” said Braydan.

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